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August 1, 2021

Hello Dear Readers and Dearhearts and Friends alike!  This is one very exhausted Butterfly Man, though all for good reasons, rest assured.  Before I get started on those reasons though, let me flit some advice across the page!  One of you Dear Readers left a message in my box and I’ve been absolutely giddy to be able to answer it!  It had to wait for the Matchy Friends preparation and event to wrap first though, so thank you for your patience.


In your humble opinion where is the most romantic place to propose someone in the Thanalan region?


WOW!  WOW WOW!  This is the sort of thing I absolutely live for!  And as a Butterfly Man who has flown over so many places, I can tell you there are several choice spots.  I’m going to guess that you and your Dearheart hold Thanalan in a special regard, or you’d not be asking for there specifically.  Instead of giving just one choice though, I’m going to give several because, you guessed it, every place and every choice should be designed for -your- needs in mind and different places appeal to different Dearhearts for different reasons.  Here though are a few of my favorites!


Western Thanalan – Silver Bazar Docks : There’s a building that overlooks the docks, which also overlooks the vast sea.  On a sunny day, you can see blue water and blue skies for malms and malms.  The lap of the waves against the docks themselves from this vantage point is a soft background that mixes well with the breeze that rustles the few nearby trees, and the caw of birds that fly overhead.


Central Thanalan – Fesca’s Watch : If you take to the tracks on the rock above the Wash, the view directly across from you is one of the few lush green spots of the desert, complete with some interesting looking flora in bright yellow.  There’s a few small waterfalls coming off the outcropping as well that I feel give this spot a particular sense of peace.  At least when the eft population doesn’t run out of control!  From this topward view though, even if the efts are rummaging below, they won’t be able to reach you and your Dearheart for that precious moment in time.


Southern Thanalan – Forgotten Springs : While one branch of the U Tribe of Miqo’te make this spot their home and it -is- a bit more of a travel than the previous two spots, it’s an oasis tucked away quite nicely in the otherwise harsh desert drylands.  One spot in particular is a small climb up on a few stacked rocks, though the height is still plenty shaded and private and overlooks a flowing stream on one side and the endless tan sea of desert on the other.


Eastern Thanalan – Final Prayer : If you and your Dearheart are strong worshipers of the Twelve, this is a place I would consider greatly for a proposal, as there is a stone dedicated in this very spot to Azeyma.  The placement of the stone overlooks one of the tragedies of the land, the Burning Wall, a beautiful and haunting location.  It is, however, the furthest spot from Ul’dah than any of the above, and therefore some travel and accommodation arrangements might need to be made to and the nearby settlement of Drybone.  Be wary if you choose this spot, some aggressive Amalj’aa do reside in the area still from time to time.


AND NOW!  The reasons why this is one tired tired Butterfly Man is…  The successful event of Matchy Friends!  Yes, friends, I feel a very lot of new friendships were formed!  I feel so strongly about this that I have already begun the plans on TWO new Matchy Friend events!  If you enjoyed the one from last night, please feel free to direct any of your shy friends to the next ones.  We got off to a bit of a late start, though that seemed not to be too major of a deterrent, plenty of friends were already mingling before the festivities started.  And then we were off!  Separated into groups of two, each Friend Set had an allotted time to speak with their matched friend.  Not everyone got to be matched with everyone, there were a good number there!  Though the after-socializations meant that whomever didn’t get to talk one to one, still had a chance to mingle.  I even made a new friend!  Can you imagine that?  Me, a simple Butterfly Man!  A shout out to Friend Youko, my new Funny Friend!  Hopefully I’ll see you again sometime in the future.  And shout outs to Friend Kiyo and Friend Mizuno, without the two of you co-worker-friend-types, I’d not have managed quite so successfully.  Thank you, sincerely.  I’ll give you both a little extra Butterfly Dust when we get back to the office.  Now, based on how well everything went, I’ve thought already of having TWO more Matchy Friend events in the near future!  In addition to this, I’ll be looking for venue’s to hold them!  If you’ve got a place in either the Mist or in the Goblet and wouldn’t mind having some Friends meandering through for one night, be sure to leave me a message and we can possibly work out a joint venture on this!


Before I wrap this all up, don’t forget you can stop in to the Daily Moogle offices at any time and drop in a note for me to answer for this advice column, or leave a note for me to help you with a Secret Admirer…er…ererer set-up, OR pick up a Matchy Dates form to be filled out and brought back to me!  I really do hope I can find more Dearhearts for you Dearhearts.   Until next time, Friends and Soon To Be Friends!

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