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FFXIV Game Time Compensation And Halt On Sales

December 17, 2021

Final Fantasy XIV is the hit it deserves to be. With great success comes the inevitable challenges and growing pains associated with popularity.

The FFXIV player base has swelled in the last month as not only are returning players logging in for Endwalker, but new players are joining in as well.

Unfortunately FFXIV was unable to secure additional hardware in preparation for this massive influx. As a result queue times for players have been up to the 6k range as players wait hours to play along.

For those who have limited game time that has also meant a complete inability to play.

Game Time Compensation

Fortunately for the FFXIV community the team has seen player frustrations and are not only working from a technical perspective to make sure that subscribed customers have preference in the queue, but they are also offering not only the original 7 days of game time compensation. There is also an additional 14 days added to that count as the congestion continues.

FFXIV Wins Best Ongoing Game 2021 Game Awards

Success is of course only mounting for FFXIV as it not only continues to see additional players logging in to begin their journeys as the warrior of light in the fabulous FFXIV community. The recent game awards win is only added proof that the world is noticing the hard work the FFXIV team puts into their product with each passing year.

Halt On Sales

That success being said FFXIV is temporarily putting a halt on new sales of the game until they are able to manage the current player congestion issues. They have said they also intend on suspending what advertising they can during this time as well.

New Servers May Be Coming

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic the ability to secure new computer hardware has been prevalent world wide. Anyone in the gaming world who has tried to purchase a new video card can attest to long wait times or high prices for such devices.

As such the FFXIV team had been unable to secure the hardware necessary to meet the unexpected influx of new and returning players as has been seen even since the Endwalker Early Access event in early December.

There are plans for additional servers coming for North America and Europe and are hoping to have a roadmap for implementation in early 2022.

Login Errors And Other Issues

The FFIX team is also dedicated to working out issues caused by not only the amount of players already playing but the large number of log in attempts.

For those of us with limited time we are looking forward to seeing what the future brings as the FFXIV team works tirelessly to overcome these challenges as the game continues to grow.

See the FFXIV Lodestone for details.

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