Fire and Fury comes to the EGF

July 27, 2021

Well folks it has been a while since I was reporting on these hellacious fights but this keeper needed a long overdue vacation. I hope you didn’t miss me too much.

The EGF has seen some crazy results over the past few shows.

At EGF three Helga defeated Rae Peak in a fiery brawl that went down to the wire, keeping her #1 contender spot. New fighters entered the cage as Grehmerel pummelled Shiro in a one sided beatdown showing why Grehmerl is one of the best brawlers in any arena.

Skylar entered the arena and took on the new rookie A’saanha fighting her to a time limit draw.

EGF four saw Aiden step into the cage to take on the newcomer Akari taking her out in two rounds. A’saanha faced off against U’nalia the two Miqo’te going down to a time limit draw.

Meanwhile Skylar and Talan went head to head in the main event. It was a close brawl but Skylar narrowly beating the Limasan brawler to become the #2 contender.

EGF five kicked off with the return of the Daily Moogles Mizuno sporting a snazzy new gunblade and a spiffing suit of red armour brought and paid for by his sponsors the Pheonix Trading company facing off against Aiden Mercer. This was both fighters second fight in the EGF with Aiden hot off his win at EGF 3 and Mizuno looking for his first win.

As the two kicked off Aiden came out swinging in the first round as Mizuno seemed to struggle to keep up with Aidens moves, possibly still getting used to his new weapon. But as the second round began Mizuo would find his stride with guidance from a very vocal Devil Trigger at ringside, taking the second round unopposed. Thus it came down to the third round. Both fighters came out swinging tooth and nail. At first it looked as if mizuno was going to wrap it up and take his first win but Aiden came back swinging to bring the match to a time limit draw.

In the second match it was Nero ‘Devi Trigger’ Redgraves taking on Helga. The winner would be crowned the official #1 contender and go onto face R’dei at the great Eorzean Bash end of the next moon.

The fight started with a roar of thunder as Nero used all his wiley tricks but Helga was ready. The two veterans were evenly matched with neither able to score a blow but Nero was able to pull of a devilish trick to score a point taking the first round.

As round two kicked off Nero would come out flying once more capitalising on his victory last round. It was not to be, however as Helga scored a devastating hit that sent Nero reeling. With that Helga would capatalise to take the second round. 

As round 3 went into motion.  Helga would whip up a firestorm setting the cage alight as Nero fought tooth and nail to claw back but each time Helga either blocked his attack or found a opening and claiming the victory. Thus Helga was cemented as the one true #1 contender to R’deis EGF title and would go onto challenge her at the Great Eorzean Bash.

With that out of the way it was main event time EGF champion R’dei Rhes taking on Grehmerl in a non title match.

The atmosphere was intense as the two entered the cage. The title round Deis waist had gone to her head as she arrogantly strutted about and taunted her opponent.

As the bell was rung axe and fist clashed as both competitors struggled for control. Soon however the champs fury would Overcome Grehms determination as she began to hammer away at him viciously. As the bell rang signalling the end of the round Dei had to be pulled off her opponent and sent back to her corner.

As round two began it was clear R’dei was not going to give Grehmerl any quarter as she wailed upon him. All Gremerl could do was attempt to mount a defence but t was too little too late as a mighty blow from R’deis axe knocked Grehmerl out cold.

With her victory in hand Dei would proceed to rub her win in to the crowed who booed her. As this went on R’dei would leave the cage and begin to harass Talan at the announcers table. As officials tried to get some semblance of control (with no sign of security) the two nearly came to blows could there be a rivalry in the making).

With the show all wrapped up and order restored it only goes to say that this was a show of fire and fury. All this makes me eager to see what the next big show will bring with the egotistical and vicious R’dei takes on the noble and tenacious Helga for the EGF title. What other surprises will the EGF have in store. There is only one way to find out. Keep reading the Daily Moogle for more.

Until next time sports fans.

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