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May 28, 2021

Hello Dear Readers and Future Dearhearts!  Now I KNOW you haven’t missed me because GUESS WHAT!  You left me some questions to answer!  I love questions, especially when they’re about that very subject – L-O-V-E.  I’m pretty good at this, you know, so don’t be shy!  Get your love questions answered by Yours Truly! Now into the questions.


1) I’ve been dropping hints for some time now, but the person doesn’t notice me. Well he does actually, but in a friendly manner only. I’m not sure if he’s ignoring it all or just oblivious. Should I just be direct as an arrow or just wait a little bit longer?


I find that the majority of my readers here are timid about approaching me with their questions.  My thoughts on this are, you’ve been dropping hints.  Either the hints aren’t hinty enough, to be noticed, or he’s not a very good hint taker.  Be direct.  It’s better to know where you stand than to wobble on the fencepost of love.  It can be a bit slippery even when one -does- know where to place their feet.  It could be that he’s never thought about you that way but maybe he will start now?  And it could be that he’s really just wanting to be friends but doesn’t want to let you down.  Of course it could also be that he has a big wonderful crush on you too and was just waiting for you to make the first move because he’s unsure of himself!  Regardless of what happens though, you’ll know.  And that’ll allow your heart and mind to take the next steps, whether it’s fluttering to him, or fluttering away to your next destination!


2) How can I defend myself against the Mothman?


WELL.  While this isn’t precisely a question about love (unless you’re trying to defend yourself against the love of the Mothman?) I’ll go ahead and answer it anyway.  And the answer is quite simple, really.  Be like me.  Wes, the Butterfly Man.  We all need wings!  I have mine, you just have to find yours.  And then you can flutter your way out of danger!  [Note from the Editor : We do not endorse joining in the Wings Shenanigans, join at your own risk.  The Daily Moogle is not responsible for any injuries nor cult-like behavior due to snorting Butterfly Dust or other Shenanigan activities.]


And there you have it, Dearhearts!  My very first All Things Fluttery advices, gently wafted to you on the breeze!  Don’t forget of course that you can fill out a Matchy Dates form by picking it up straight from The Daily Moogle offices, or you can leave a message for me for any Secret Admirer…er…erererer.. requests you might have.  I do have one in the works, and will of course be sharing the results with all of you Dearhearts!  Until next time!

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  1. The Daily Moogle endorses this disclaimer. Great job Wes! I may or may not have laughed myself silly…

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