Forget the Old Light, here is the New Light!

May 6, 2021

Dear reader,

As promised, today I write about New Light! Whatever happened to the Old Light you may ask? Nobody knows! Maybe it got lost in time, all alone, bereft of attention. It’s hard to keep writing as I fight my tears off, but I will paddle through the sea that is writing for you, dear readers.

New Light is run by Bernadette, whom the attentive reader may remember from a previous article, and her mate Kathir, who hails from Ilsabard. She mentioned they needed a place to stay and I can only imagine they were on the run being sky pirates! Exciting stuff if you ask me. 

New Light hosts a manner of different businesses, such as a salon, a bar and lounge, Bernadette mentioned smiths and cooks as well, so there is a bit of everything. They currently number 27 and all bring something different to the table. What a feast that must be! Food aside, it is mainly a have and a home, where they live together despite their differences. 

For our more romantic readers I asked if any romances had happened under their roof. This seemed to shock her to the core, but she quickly regained her composure and explained that the only romance she knows of between her and Kathir. Alas dear reader, but I did try.

Their main income comes from the bar they run on the second floor. They do all sorts of things to boost their sales, auctions, quizzes, costume contests, they have done them all. I for one will definitely be back here for some entertainment and I hope you will too.

In closing, whilst not finding the Old Light, the New Light was very appealing. This intern believes so.


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