Foul play at the Costa del sol races

September 3, 2021

The sun may be out and festivities are in full swing but not everyone is having fun on the Costa del sol seafront. Jockeys competing on the resort’s race course earlier this week have made allegations of fixed races and nobbled birds.

“My chocobo is a prized racer”. Lekihu Bikihu the owner of several champion chocobos, proclaimed to me as we sat down at his lavish homestead in the goblet. “The damn bird was just fine the day before. We took him through his paces and his times were impressive, then the day of the race and the damn thing couldn’t get up to speed and languished in last place”.

When I asked what he thought caused it he remarked “I believe the food was drugged. That stable hand that day looked suspicious if you ask me. Yes drugs are the only things I can think I that would make my poor bird lag behind so bad”.

Other jockeys and owners have stepped forward to make claims of unfair conduct.

One owner who wished to remain anonymous claims that his jockeys took bribes to throw the race, no evidence has been found to the contrary.

Master Gegeruju has had claims made against him. His chocobos have won the last ten races with very little competition. When approached a spokesperson for his estate said “Master Gegeruju is a upstanding member of the racing community and would never stoop so low as to bribe jockeys or nobble birds. His chocobo are the cream of the crop but he will have his own people look onto these allegations of corruption within his household.

We asked the official investigator about what they had found so far, however they were unavailable for comment after booking a last moment vacation to Thavnir.

It seems that for now this mystery will remain unsolved, for now dear readers i recommend perhaps holding off on betting on the next Costa del Sol derby

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