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From A’taiga to A’saanha An Old Name For A New Day!

May 23, 2021

Today we were visited by A’saanha Khawa. You may know her as A’taiga Khawa, the wonderfully rough and tumble Miqo’te who currently works as a security guard for The Wanderer’s Respite!

Recently she has decided that she no longer wishes to go by the name A’taiga, but a name that might be new to us, but is quite more familiar to her, that of A’saanha.

A’saanha was the name she grew up with for nearly 16 summers while living amongst her tribe. She was given this name by her mother who is called ‘The Couerl of the North.’ Her mother is a hero to her tribe and as such left a pair of big shoes for a young kit to fill.

As she grew older those of her tribe knew that A’saanha had the talent and skills to match those of her mother. Those skills however did not lessen the burden of living in the shadow of a hero.

Unfortunately the young A’saanha struggled with what she saw as a curse. An aetherblock prevents her from meeting her true potential even to this day.

With it all becoming to much, the young A’saanha decided to find her own path. She set out to find herself. She changed her name and decided to seek out what she wanted from life and not simply what her tribe sought from her!

Eventually her past caught up with her however as she wrote to and received a letter from her mother. Knowing nothing other than her original name, her mother of course used it in the letter to her daughter. A’saanha’s coworkers were of course curious about the different names and why she might have taken a new one. As they posed these questions to her the figurative wheels began turning for A’saanha.

She carried on using her assumed name however until one day things changed for her. As she stepped in to defend her girlfriend she had an epiphany. She realized that she did not have to hide anything, not her name or herself. She felt as though she could still be her mother’s daughter, and yet also be her own person!

A’saanha then decided that she would overcome the issues that held her back and become the person she is destined to be!

For you dear readers, she asserts that sometimes one should take a step back from life. That there is nothing wrong with reevaluating all that life has set before you. That once you have clarity, you can then return and I quote “smash whatever hurdle is in front of you”.

I should also note that might any of our dear readers have knowledge of what could cause or help remove an aetherblock, A’saanha would love to hear from you. She can be found regularly at The Wander’s Respite or leaving a message with us will also reach her!

A’saanha will also be a medic at the upcoming Eorzea’s Greatest Fighter competition to be held in a matter of days!

And for those interested in the pronunciation of her names I can assist with that as well on a direct quote from A’saanha:

“A’taiga Khawa was the old name, with the hissing sound only after the K. And A’saanha Khawa is the new-old name, long ah and hiss after n.”

A’saanha Khawa

I cannot thank her enough for sharing her story with us as well as allowing us to help her announce her change in name. Thank you also to our dear readers who make each and every story come to life as you read on!

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