Great Eorzean Bash goes out with a whimper?

September 2, 2021

Gibbs Vs The Golden Shield Rae Peak

On paper this match looked to be an exciting brawl from the get go. However the first round dragged on and the audience was not as hot for it. Rae took the first round with a show of pure skill. The second round was more quicker and action packed as Gibbs came out a ball of rage packed into a bulling Roegadyn. Rae would do her best but found herself on the back foot for the round.

As round three started with the fight tied at a round a piece Rae would come out strong but would soon find quite literally staring down at Gibbs as the Roegadyn knocked her to the floor and impaled Raes arm to take the round and the match.

As the medics saw to Rae behind the scenes the next match was already being prepared.

Deborah Relena Vs The Traveller.

The second match was the returning Deborah Relena taking on the mysterious newcomer known only as the Traveller.

The first round would begin with Deborah coming out of there corner to take an early lead. The Traveller who seemed slow and lumbering to react managed to put up a decent defence but was unable to capitalise against the speedy and nimble Deborah who took the first round.

As round two started the Traveller proved that they may not have the speed but they had enough power to be a dangerous force.

Deborah got an early strike in as per the previous round but was not prepared for Travellers sheer strength as they tossed the tenacious Miqo’te around and into the cage. Deborah would find their footing before the end but it wasn’t enough and the Traveller took round two.

With the final round called, the two squared off, now more aware of each other’s capabilities. The Traveller started off by throwing Deborah around once more before slamming their sword across Deborah defence less form.

Springing from the ground Deborah would begin her own offence with a springboard kick pushing the Traveller back.  It was not enough however as the bell rang and the match was called  time limit draw.

There may not have been a decisive winner in this match but both fighters put on such a show that the audience were jumping out of their seats and cheering the pair on.

EGF title match – Champion R’dei Rhes Vs #1Contender Helga.

The hotly anticipated main event with months of build up. We have watched R’dei win the title at the second ever show and then seen her lord over the roster.

Meanwhile Helga has worked her way to the too defeating all the top ranked fighter’s to be declared the #1 contender.

Now we are here. Great Eorzean Bash main event, the two squaring off for the gold.

R’dei started out strong from the gate. Catching Helga unawares who could not get a strike in. Dei may have taken the first round but as you all know from reading my articles you lovely readers that Helga always makes a comeback in round two.

Oh boy did she make a comeback she did, the blind monk came out swinging taking dei to town with some devastating aether fueled strikes. Helga’s strikes hit hard enough to say the Referee to call off the Second round before the bell rang.

As round three began it was clear that Helga now had the upper hand and the champion was now on the back foot. Dei managed to block and evade Helga’s blazing attacks but in the end the round was all Helga’s.

Thus we settled in for the fourth round not knowing this would be the final round. After a few strikes and evasions R’dei pulled out her bag of dastardly tricks planting an explosive on Helga’s back that sent her flying. As Helga was reeling from the explosion Dei moved in to impale the defenseless warrior and then brought her axe down once more, sending her flying.

Helga started to drag herself to her feet ready to bring retribution to the champ but in an instance her legs fell from under her and she passed out cold on the arena floor. As the bell was called a stunned silence fell across the crowd as R’dei cheered with delight as her opponent was carted away to the medical bay it was clear that no one was going happy that night.

As I and the crowd left the Respite I began to ponder on the great eorzean Bash and if it lived up to its name of the biggest event. I would say almost. The first match was not what I expected from two heavy hitters. The Traveller and Deborah put on a hell of a match that got the crowds back into the show. The final fight was sucking people in. The crowd were into the fight as there were cheers for both fighters. However the ending left a sour taste in the audience’s mouths. Hopefully in the next event they will step up their game and put on a better show.

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