Great investigator Mizuno strikes again!

July 22, 2021

Dear readers!

Today I come to you with something different. Recently Imadyn from the Slice of Life community center visited us because she wanted to run an advertisement for her establishment.

So everyone needs to go to her place! That being said, while talking we came onto the topic of her hair and how it’s not her natural hair color. This turned into a bet of a sorts where if I can guess her hair color I can ask her one question, anything at all and will get an answer. On the other hand if I fail, I have to do a favor for her.

Now, would I stoop as low as to call upon our readers to find out someone’s hair color? Why yes, yes I would. So if you have any information what IMADYN of the SLICE OF LIFE Community Center her real hair color is, let me know!
There may be a reward in for it!

That being said, the Slice of Life is also hosting Wes’ Matchy Friends! Announcement coming soon!

In closing, will I be able to solve the mystery of Imadyns natural hair? This intern hopes so.

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