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High Tide Antiquity A Museum of Wonders

September 12, 2021

Recently I took the opportunity to once again visit the High Tide Emporium, home of the Free Company High Tide Antiquity.

This immaculate estate is home to High Tide’s artifacts. A veritable treasure trove of interesting objects that they have put on display for those who visit their establishment.

Every so often they do open their doors to the public and it was on just such an evening that I attended the museum. They offer tours of the artifacts which range from those found in the Far East, to treasures from Ishgard and beyond.

Without going into detail of their collection I can only recommend that should one have an interest in antiquities that visiting their estate would prove to be a wonderful way to pass an evening. I can also highly recommend the tour as members of the museum describe the items in detail. They also accept questions as well.

Should you be unable however to attend an open house event however, fret not dear readers! One might also write to Mr. Ashr’a for other visits or to bookings (see their carrd for additional information).

They do also have an extensive menu of drinks but also offer a variety of edibles as well. Their staff is quite friendly and helpful. They are also vigilant which is quite important for a facility housing artifacts of this nature.

So should any of you dear readers be interested in seeing fabulous artifacts I can highly recommend High Tide Antiquity.

We are also always on the look out for interesting venues for our readers to visit! Should you or your Free Company have such a venue, do not hesitate to contact us today!

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