Horrorscopes 10/7

July 10, 2021

Alys Rose’s Horrorscopes and Celestial Advice

Welcome to my second week of celestial readings! Oh, how I do wish Mother could read this… I do think, upon gazing at the stars, that all of you do need to know what lies ahead! Read below;

Halone — First Astral Moon

The stars say this weekend is good for reflection! Think back over all you’ve done so far this year! How many morbols have you killed? How many little baby karakuls have you eaten? How many times have you been to the Pleasure Barges in Lomsa Lomomsa? Think how much the rest of the year has to offer, and know you can do what you put your mind to!

Menphina — First Umbral Moon

You are wasting your energy, silly Menphina-children! Stop focusing on the things that don’t matter, and focus on things that do, like strawberries and having fun! Life is rather too short, unless you’re a Viera you live for a terribly long time!

Thaliak — Second Astral Moon

The stars are dripping inspiration down into you! Is there something you have yet to finish? Perhaps you left your taxidermy rat half-done? Maybe your sword is half sharpened? Perhaps you are painting a bowl of fruit and have only yet finished the bananas! Whatever it is, you should finish it!

Nymeia — Second Umbral Moon

The reddish tint has turned into a dazzling white! I think the storm has passed, and you should definitely be open to new people, especially those who are rather your opposite! That means — vegatable-eaters and hunters, nice people and nasty people, child killers and people with children, you all have the best odds of making a wonderful go of it!

Llymlaen — Third Astral Moon

I feel you are in for rather a few nightmares, and waking up sweating, maybe even screaming! I suggest, drink plenty of whiskey before bed so you pass out!

Oschon — Third Umbral Moon

I think that things will work out for the best if you’re honest! Are you keeping a secret, or do you want to tell someone you have a crush on them? Maybe you do know what happened to the puppy when you were 6 and you feel like now is the time to admit your wrongs. Either way, a lighter load is easier to carry!

Byregot — Fourth Astral Moon

Believe in yourself! I think your self-confidence will quite soar this weekend! Use it to your advantage, because afterwards, you’ll be back to your boring old worrisome self!

Rhalgr — Fourth Umbral Moon

I think a lot of you Rhalgr babies are quite tempted to fly off the handle! Do try to stay calm, you don’t want to end up being seen as the aggressor! Though sometimes you DO need to be the aggressor, sometimes people are just asking for their ears to be cut off, and that is completely fine! It isn’t a wrong thing to do when they’ve done so much worse! 

Azeyma — Fifth Astral Moon

Life isn’t quite as complicated as you think! Perhaps your problems have a simple solution? Don’t set up an elaborate trap for the rat in your life, simply grab a spear and stab it!

Nald’thal — Fifth Umbral Moon

I think opportunities are coming your way, and I don’t believe in blind people, so I think that you all will struggle to miss them! Do take a chance on those opportunities, you can’t remain useless forever!

Nophica — Sixth Astral Moon

You have been terribly worried recently — well, the stars are going to deal with your problem! There’s no point in worrying, or trying to solve it actively, simply lay back and let it pass! Perhaps you are having conflict with someone, well don’t worry because they’ll probably just drop dead this week!

Althyk — Sixth Umbral Moon

I think now is the time to make gil! The stars are in your favour! List those dyes, or clothes, or flowers, or karakul brains, and watch the money roll in! Then do make sure to spend it all! Saving money is no fun, you might be run over by a chocobo tomorrow!


—Alys Rose

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