Hyur-Elezen wedding in Ishgard: Desperation or progress?

June 30, 2021

Certain circles of Ishgard’s nobility were full of whispering near the end of last year; the city was witness to a wedding between the Hyuran House Rosamond and the Elezen Eralis family. As if the joining of nobility and a commoner was not scandalous enough in the city, the fact that the newlyweds make for a marriage between races was certainly met with mixed feelings.

It is no secret that the city of Ishgard has seen its fair share of challenges in recent years; first the war, then the rebuilding, and now, its citizens struggle to accept the changes being rapidly flung at them. But while there are those who cling to their past traditions, others seem to prefer rushing ahead and embracing more open-minded thinking – And such is what House Rosamond claimed to do when news of the eldest daughter’s engagement to an Elezen man – a commoner, at that – reached the public.

The announcement of an engagement between a noble lady and the youngest son of a well-off family of chocobo breeders certainly came to a shock within some circles. Some speculated that the marriage was an attempt to line up the family’s coffers with part of the Eralis fortune, while others believed it was a desperate and perhaps extreme attempt at gaining attention in these tumultuous times. Some few felt that, perhaps, the families were trying to pave the way to a more open-minded chapter within Ishgard’s history.

Negotiations regarding the engagement were said to be pushed by Lady Loris, the aunt of the Rosamond heir. Certain rumours say it was a means to assert her influence over her old family even after marrying into House Loris; throwing her weight around, so to speak. Perhaps the declining finances of House Rosamond drove Lady Loris to desperate measures; or perhaps the uproar of such a controversial marriage was simply a means to distract from some other scandal yet to be uncovered. Half a year later, new theories still seem to emerge whenever the topic of the marriage comes up.

The choice to have the Rosamond heir marry an Eralis seemed controversial in itself; the family has been through its own series of scandals with a bastard son and a child married into a disgraced family – despite it being nobility –, and now the youngest son has found himself wedded to a Hyur. Though the current marriage certainly overshadows the prior scandals, the Eralis family seems to have no shortage of stains on their name. With such a questionable family history, could it truly be anything but the desperate need for clout and money that drove Lady Loris to push for an engagement between the two families?

Though it has been half a year since the marriage, the answers yet elude the public. Both the Rosamonds and the Eralis family have stayed out of any further scandals since then, and Lady Loris seems to have largely kept to her own House – which, for the record, seems to hold a pristine reputation in comparison. It’s quite possible the Rosamonds were her scapegoat to escape any ill rumours about her own, current family. It would, after all, be an easy way to gain access to excess wealth while staying out of the controversy regarding it.

I have tried to reach out to the newlyweds in question, but neither of them wished to comment on this matter. Still, the scheming of nobility never ceases to amaze, and it will be interesting to see what the families do next; and whether there will be an external influence on the decisions they make.

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