In the Spotlight: A cannonball-defying skycaptain

May 4, 2021

Dear reader,

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing someone by accident while I was waiting to get my hair done! (don’t judge.)
While I was waiting for Alys to do my hair I was greeted by a fashionable woman with an eyepatch that introduced herself as Bernadette “Bernie” Bearclaw.

She talked to me about her crew or community, as you will, New Light. That will however be covered in my other article as in this one I will be writing about Bernadette herself.

She looks after people with the ferocity a bear guards her cubs, maybe that’s where the Bearclaw thing comes from? She also finances other peoples’ businesses for a commission, which is how The Looking Glass came to be from what I understand.

As the conversation went on I noticed she kept using the terms captain and crew which led me to believe there’s more that meets the eye. So, for you dear reader, I asked the question if she had a boat. I had apparently seen through the clever nuances and wordplay and she did admit she still had a boat!

I had a ton of questions, was the eyepatch real, were there pet animals on the ship? Rivalries? Blood feuds?
The eyepatch she got by dodging a cannonball, can you imagine that?! A cannonball! According to her, you have to swerve along before the cannonball hits. I can only imagine how intense that must have been. Picture if you will, cannonballs flying by left and right and then having one aimed at you, only to smoothly swerve as it grazes by your face, still with enough force to take your eye! Bernadette “Bernie” Bearclaw overcame all of that and I dread to think what happened to the person that fired that cannonball.

On the pets she was rather brief as they seemed to snap at her, maybe it has to do with the animalistic name and the animals trying to assert nibbling dominance. In short, she’s not a fan. There were no rivalries known to her but she also did not plunder other pirates. For any would-be daredevils, I would not advise going after any possible bounty as there is none and I can’t state this enough: this woman took a cannonball to the face!

In closing, would this intern take on the triple B, known as Bernadette “Bernie” Bearclaw? Most definitely not.

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  1. Ever entertaining, well done Mizuno. This is certainly about one very interesting captain!

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