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In the Spotlight: Talon’s Reach

July 21, 2021

Those who attended the Eorzean Naadam may have noticed a group of attendees who came to participate. This group is part of the Free Company Talon’s Reach.

I recently sat down with one Miss Cecily Tanner, the leader of Talon’s Reach, and Shaiko Kovasch a member of the company at Shaiko’s lovely teahouse The Serene View.

There we discussed Talon’s Reach, its mission, its goals and their team. This tight knit group takes missions from the Grand Companies that cannot be solved by sheer numbers alone. They also take and complete work through their own third party informants. As Cecily said they work against “hidden threats for the innocent of the lands, sinister types doing their plotting”.

This line of work is not only beneficial to the star but can be lucrative as well. Shaiko has himself noted in the past that the proceeds of such missions aided him in opening The Serene View tea house. Though perhaps not as charitable as some, profiting from their ventures does ensure that they have the resources for future endeavors.

Those resources do come in handy for equipment and training. One such training event was open to the public and The Daily Moogle had the good fortune of attending and covering the instruction. The topics were advanced but all of the members present were engaged. 

The leadership of Free Company however is one aspect of a successful venture, those they employ also make or break an enterprise. That being said, the team of Talon’s Reach is of course an important part of what makes their endeavors successful. 

As Miss Tanner stated they look for “We hire exceptional individuals, ones that are either capable combatants that can work very well with a team or experts in specific fields”. Though they have high standards for those they bring into Talon’s Reach, they also recognize that bringing in passionate and hard working trainees who wish to learn and grow with the company are also valuable hires.

It does not always work out however as there are times where people have differing goals, but that can be said of any company. They are however glad to see those who have trained with them to find happiness outside the company if it better suits them.

Teamwork is however paramount to their work. When operating under pressure in high stakes situations the team is only as strong as its weakest member. It can also be hazardous to a group when individuals use abilities to the detriment of the team. 

While I can imagine dear readers you are as curious as I am as to what these missions may entail, sadly due to the agreements in place Talon’s Reach is unable to discuss the details of their missions. Sadly one must be a full member of the Free Company itself. Though Miss Tanner was able to state that one mission they completed was in the far east and involved breaking up a slaver ring. 

Should the other missions be as interesting and also in such distant locales I can imagine that they must be quite fascinating indeed.

Should any of you dear readers be looking for a Free Company that offers a challenging and team oriented environment that appears to be rather lucrative, one need look no further than Talon’s Reach. They can be found at their headquarters The Perch.

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