In the spotlight: The Naadam Horsery winner!

July 26, 2021

Dear readers!

A couple of days ago I had the luck to stumble upon a man. A man with a piercing glare and a suspicious nature to boot! This also happened to be Irtei, winner of the Eorzean Naadam horseback riding competition.

I vaguely recognized him while passing on the streets of Ul’dah, eager for a scoop I couldn’t help but approach him and get all the juicy details of his win at the races. This however was met with caution and confusion, as he seemed to have no idea of me nor the Daily Moogle. Strange though, I could’ve sworn I saw him at the Beach Party as well. No matter! Back to the interview. In his own words:
“I won. Was a hard track, but I ended up with a decent horse ‘n we know how to ride them on the steppe.” Bold words indeed, but the results were definitely there, having won and all that.

He was riding horses before I could hold a sword properly and missed it ever since I left the steppe. Fortunately that’s where we and our sponsors stepped in to make it happen. Furthermore he explains:
“I won along with my sister, came in only a short time after me. Those Eorzeans taking part ate our dust, hah. That’s what I’m saying. Was good horses though, reacted well to y’ signals, dealt well with the lights ‘n crowd ‘n the sharp turns y’ had to push ’em into. “
Man of few, but strong words indeed. 

And last but not least, the question on everyone’s mind: “What did they do with the karakul?!”
They haven’t picked it up yet, but already had a look at it. They may keep it for the wool ‘n the kid or they slaughter it when they get back home. The suspense is killing me! I hope they don’t slaughter it. It’s far too fluffy for that.

In closing, a man with few words makes for a short article. This intern believes so.

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