Interview with a hero, interrupted by the Brassholes?!

June 2, 2021

Dear readers,

Today I had the very random pleasure of interviewing X’Lykha, a hero in waiting! He’s currently a junior Brass Blade with ambition for much, much more? Excited? I know I am!

X’Lykha came in with a grand and unannounced entry, as according to him, are his forte and I would have to agree! I had no idea what was happening all of a sudden. Apart from serving the city with escorting people and making it generally a safer place he is also looking to sell his sword for security work, which led him to our offices.

As we talked shop, as it were he told me of his rates, which sound very reasonable to me:
“Forty gil for escorts through the city per bell and eighty gil for security for the day or for the night.” Sounds very reasonable to me! However he is trying to branch out his legacy and thus is going for “Sellsword with extra services”.

As we were talking out of nowhere two people burst into the door completely catching me unaware and offguard, X’Lykha however managed to leap into action and rough them up! In the scuffle one of them was pushed against the wall and his sword got embedded in the wall, such misfortune. As we were trying to get the blade out of the wall, Kiyo entered the office wondering what we were doing.

We had no choice but to tell her about the assault. During the conversation we managed to get the the blade out of the wall and X’Lykha recognized it as a Brass blade, presumably stolen. That’s right, you read it here first folks!
The Daily Moogle got attacked by the bandit guild that uses stolen Brass blades known only as “The Brassholes”!
Thankfully X’Lykha was there or I shudder to think of what would have happened to me.

In closing, should the Daily Moogle investigate these “Brassholes”? This intern believes so.

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X’Lykha the Sellsword

“Sellsword with extra services.” Looking for a blade? X’Lykha may be just the man you need!