Iron Lynx annual tournament brackets announced

September 7, 2021

The seasons are changing and in a few moons it will be the annual Iron Lynx tournament. This weekend saw the announcement for this year’s tournament preliminary brackets with some minor alterations. 

In previous years the lynx has lumped all entrants together but this year with the creation of the lynx rankings board they have split the brackets based on skill level. 

This means that this year it is not just one but tournaments. 

Up first we have the preliminaries for unranked and bronze tier 1 fighters.

Kade Malfoy will be taking on Vee ‘the Harlequin’ Redgraves. 

Fuyumi Litor will do battle with Kora Kisne.

Newcomer R’iqu Jesal does battle with Talon ‘of the sea’ Morys

Finally Raiden Himoto does battle with
Stahlswys Skaenwyn


In Bronze 2/Silver 1 preliminaries 

Current #1 ranked fighter J’tohjo Tia takes on last year’s tournament winner the Golden Shield Rae Peak.

Ariana ‘The Predator’ Star takes on the Astral Crusader Rumia Scarlet. 

In a anticipated rematch the Jewel of Gyr Arbania Hartgeim Ubyltuwyn will face off against the Devil Trigger Nero Redgrave.

Finally the #2 ranked Drunken Limsan Talan Gelson takes on Zaranius Featherwind.

There is alot to look forward to with two tier tournaments. 

The Unranked / Bronze 1 bracket will be an interesting one to watch. With so many newcomers and untested fighters it is hard to predict how the preliminaries will go, the best we can do is look at the ranking statistics.

On paper Vee would be the odds favourite to win his fight against kade. Vee to date has had five matches winning two and losing the other three, meanwhile his opponent has had seven matches and only one win and six losses. However Kade could pose a threat to Vee when it comes to combat. Although not seeing Vee fight in person i know from our conversations he is an arcanist by trade. Kade has shown that he can fight with bow and sword so could this combination be too much for Vee to handle?

The second match could go either way, both Fuyumi and Kora have had two matches at the Iron Lynx and both have a one to one ratio in the wins and losses. This will come down to who wants it more. If you were to ask me who my Gil is on I would say Miss Fuyumi won’t want to let the family down in their show.

Meanwhile newcomer R’iqu may have her work cut out as the Talon of the sea is one of the highest ranked fighters in this bracket. Currently having had 9 matches five of which they have won Talon looks on paper to be the one to take home the whole tournament let alone the fight. However R’iqu may just surprise us, take it from me this young Miqo’te may have some surprises in store for us.

As for our final two I cannot say. Both so far are unblooded in any of the known arenas as far as i’m aware but someone once told me never bet against a sea wolf.

Meanwhile the bronze 2 / Silver 1 bracket is on paper stacked with some hotly anticipated matches.

Last year J’tohjo (Jojo) Tia met his opponent the Golden Shield Rae Peak in the semi finals where Rae came out triumphant and went on to win the finals against fellow semi finalist Jinzo. Rae was dominant in that tournament but this year the tables may be turned. Right now Jojo is currently sitting in the number one slot at the Iron lynx with ten matches under his belt, only one is a loss. Rae on the other hand has not had a good year. Spending a good portion at the bottom of the rankings, currently she has had ten fights with only three wins and sits at rank thirty two. Jojo has been insanely dominant and this year could be his but I wouldn’t sell out Rae any time soon, Rae has been known to pull out all the stops to get the win. She may just give Jojo the fight of his Duel night career.

Whoever wins however may have their hands full in the semi finals as the second match will be one to watch as Ariana ‘the Predator’ Star goes up against the Astral Crusader Rumia Scarlet. Ariana is a rising star at the Iron Lynx. She has only had 3 matches so far one of which was a four for all match. Currently in the rankings she has officially three wins to her name and as such ranks eighth in the rankings. On the other hand she is taking on a veteran in rumia Scarlet. Rumia has  only made their return recently but has made waves in the lynx. Currently sitting at rank three above her company mate Hartgeim with seven matches under her belt and only one loss since her return. This could be Rumias year if she can beat Ariana but could the young rising Star prove that she has what it takes to be a champion?


The third match in the bracket I guarantee is going to be loud, intense and most likely a match that if you blink you will miss it. For the third time the Jewel of Gyr Arbania Hartgeim Ubyltuwyn a former tournament winner taking on the devil Trigger Nero Redgraves. These two are currently one a piece against each other, Hartgeim currently sits after this weekend as the number four on the rankings board. Having fought in thirteen matches and won six of them, not to mention is a former tournament winner. Nero however is one and oh on and sits at rank twenty two but the key to remember here is Nero is a veteran just like Hartgeim has battled in the lynx before the ranking came about. He may have not battled much recently but any match he is in is a main event caliber match. As I said, expect this match to be flashy, violent and over before it’s begun.

Of course whoever wins that fight could have their hands full as the number two ranked fighter Talan Gelson will take on Zaranius Featherwind. It will be the battle of the commentators. As stated Talan is currently number two and until recently the top ranked fighter at the Lynx. he has only lost two matches in eleven fights. Whereas Zaranius sits at rank thirty six with two matches under their belt one of which is a loss. However zaranius is also a veteran and he may have a few tricks to pull up his back. As much as i would love to root for the underdog Talan has been one of the most dominant fighters who has eliminated fan favourites along the way including one of his prospective opponents.

In conclusion, keep your eyes on those new fighters who have yet to cut their teeth and make sure not to miss out on any of the action during the tournament and the lead up to it. With two moons to go anything could happen. Be sure to keep checking for more parties in the coming weeks as we draw closer to the date as I will give my predictions on the results, but while I’m thinking about it dear reader why not write in and tell us your predictions s for the preliminary rounds. Maybe well publish them.

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