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May 18, 2021

Dear reader,

As I went to Varriz Relanah’s shop the good man himself greeted me outside the New Light building, after exchange some greetings we went straight for it.

He lead me to his cart that’s parked behind the New Light place and the man does not do himself enough credit. Hoarding is vastly underrated! Upon entering the cart all manner of thingies, stuff and doodads were present! Also books and so but that’s less important. Varriz amassed all of these things while he was an adventurer.

He wasn’t always an adventurer mind you! He was once part of the city guard. But guarding a city ultimately gets boring, it’s not like it’s going anywhere. So as an adventurer he kept hoarding and hoarding stuff not wanting to throw away anything and that he turned into a business as a merchant, specializing in finding and giving items to people that need it.

He plans on creating his own adventurers haven shop; there are lots of occasions when he need a particularly rare item for a buyer, procuring it alone might prove to be dangerous after all. The new shop will have a notice board where he’ll put up missions for the adventurers, aspiring and veterans alike! 
Originally he used to give items away but this made people highly suspicious, distrusting even so now he sells them. When he’s not tending to the store or cart Varriz helps out in New Light, reads books or plays the harp. 

I would like to point out that currently there is no set name for the shop yet, so Varriz agreed on a competition!
Send in your ideas to the Daily Moogle, the most popular name gets chosen and rewarded! 

In closing, I will definitely come back here for more knickknacks, this intern believes so.

((The competition is an actual thing, come give your ideas for the shop on our discord: https://discord.gg/vs5zjMtAmr)) 


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