Legacy of The Floating City: Useless Musings

June 20, 2021

Explorers that I had the pleasure to meet in Limsa Lominsa usually dream of uncharted worlds. It feels as if we have discovered everything there is to know about our dearest motherland Eorzea, so they desire to journey to continents less traveled…such as Othard’s mountainous ranges, or the war-torn Ilsabard, or even landmasses left behind by the Allags. However, I find that there are so many wondrous things that an average explorer might have yet to see, right here in our home Eorzea.

Golems are distinctive anthropomorphic magical beings that were born from the very soil we walk on. They are unmistakable even from afar, with their gigantic bodies made out of stones or clay, they lumber the earth, spreading terror to the locals in their wake. Many of them were guardians, leftovers of ancient civilisations, though most are not sentient enough to comprehend that what they have been guarding all these winters is already long gone. The golems of The Floating City of Nym are no different, they will catch and kill anyone who dares traverse into Nymian territory, the very task they have dutifully performed without cease since The War of The Magi.

Hence it comes as no surprise that eventually these entities of yore would come across civilians and potentially wreak havoc around the area. That was a levequest that a band of adventurers planned to take, when I happened to pass by The Drowning Wench and noticed a familiar face. I have met Rosa Alice before, a highly skilled conjurer and adventurer who helps solve local issues through levequests on a regular basis. I did not have nearly enough experience or skills to join such a hunt, but I could not help but feel intrigued when I saw her team for this particular duty: Silver Stone, a tough Roegadyn warrior who wields a greataxe larger than my own body, Calix Alice, Rosa’s laidback but no-nonsense brother whose weapon of choice is a massive gunblade, and Akari “Bella” Shikibu, a determined, daring, dual-wielding Au Ra whom I assume is one of the “shinobis” hailing from the Far East. I asked this experienced group of adventurers, all wearing a full set of armour, if I could come along just to observe from the back, and they kindly obliged.

Riding a rented pair of chocobos and a cart (I am thankful I took some time to learn how to ride one just before this…), we headed out to Outer La Noscea, near the ruins of what was once the majestic Floating City of Nym. It did not take us long to find our mark, though it did make me stare in wonder once I laid my eyes on it.

Golems were generally constructed out of stone and clay. This particular one though, was created out of pure, shining, blue crystals. I have never seen anything like it in my life. It was at least a good five fulms taller than even Silver, and its crystal layers were crumbling on the edges, showing how much it had endured in the passage of time. This…wonder of nature, if you can even call it such, had wandered outside of where other Nymian golems usually resided, and therefore could not be left alone.

We observed its movements from afar, and noticed that it showed signs of being lost and confused…which might mean that it had the capacity, and intelligence, to recognise its surroundings. That complicated the mission a little. As we were discussing how to proceed, Bella fearlessly snuck out closer to the mark, using her ninja skills to hide behind a stone to take a better look of the crystal golem. I got worried that it was a bold move she took, but the other adventurers weren’t terribly concerned, showing how experienced they were in working together to hunt their mark.

However, as is wont to happen in this kind of missions, things did not exactly go as planned. The golem spotted Bella, and Calix and Silver rushed to her aid. Its movements did not seem fast, but it was tough as nails, and their attacks barely scratched it until it unleashed something I did not expect: magical ability. It summoned forth water to create a small flood near our feet, and a bubble that swallowed Rosa whole, drowning her slowly. The move caused me to panic, but her teammates were quick to act.

Calix sprung forth with his gunblade, planting a heavy blow on the golem’s back, temporarily stripping it off its peculiar water magic. The move freed Rosa from the bubble, but it seemed to light up its rage, if it even had one, as it shrugged off Silver’s axe and knocked down Bella with its feral movements. It went after Calix and slammed his body to the ground with its fist, and I almost swore I could hear it roar in anger. The assault knocked Calix out cold, his pounded body lying motionless on the ground. I think I let out a shout, I do not quite remember, but Rosa reacted very quickly with her healing magic and resurrected him back to action. Silver and Bella did not stop their onslaughts on the golem, Silver attempting to lodge his axe into its heart, and Bella assisting them with her swift movements fueled by her concentrated aether in the form of tempestuous winds. After the golem casted its water magic once again to drown Silver, they managed to destroy its crystal heart. The creature shattered into pieces, and the adventurers triumphed over the colossus.

As they headed back to Limsa Lominsa, covered in blood but none the worse for the battle, I looked back to the pieces of the golem scattered all over the place, and thought to myself…

Has anyone ever wondered why golems, or aetheric creatures like them, continue to exist…?

During my studies in the arcanist guild, I learned that the creation of these beings is only possible when the laws of nature are weakened by the chaotic influence of an Umbral calamity.

They are a constant reminder of the wars and catastrophe of the past, about how many tragedies have occurred, about how easily everything we take for granted can disappear in an instant.

They are a constant reminder of the horrors that are yet to come.

And as these brave adventurers have showed me, as they charged at this unknown colossus without a single shred of doubt, while knowing the dangers they might face, knowing that they might not come back to their friends and families, or even see another day of adventuring…I learn the value of living your life to the fullest, for the present, and for the future. Always.

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