Luas key facts to success – how to be the best fighter you can be

August 14, 2021

Luas tips for success. How to be the best fighter you can be

Well dear reader I was preparing a EGF special but seeing as an anonymous reader sent me a letter asking me if I had any tips for an up and coming fighter looking to reach the top. Well how can i say no to that so let’s get down to it.

First off if you want to make it in the big leagues I would recommend finding a sponsor. Equipment is expensive and your early winnings aint gonna cover all your expenses. So try to impress someone enough that they may want to splash some Gil on you.

Alternatively get yourself a manager. Sure hes going to take a big old cut of your winnings and sponsorship deals but if you get a decent one they are probably gonna make sure you get some high profile matches that will make you lots of Gil and get you noticed.

Make sure to set your goals. 

What are you doing this for? Fame, fortune, the chance to go down in history as the greatest champion of all time? Figure it out and zero in on it and be two hundred percent committed to your goal.

Know your enemy. 

This is a key strategy. Unless your signing up to  a blind fight chances are you will know your opponent ahead of time. So it pays to find out everything you can about him. Watch their matches, read articles talking about previous bouts they’ve been in. Find their medical history, do they have any lingering injuries you could exploit? Perhaps they are sporting injuries from their last fight. 

Figure out their fighting style, and study their techniques. Do they have a signature mover they like to use? Can you find a way to counter this move? Studying your opponent can mean the difference between walking away the victor or being carried out after one round from a devastating KO punch.

Know your battleground. 

Every arena is different. From the mighty dome that is the blood sands to the laid back lounge atmosphere of the Iron Lynx and to the clashing of steel inside the cage at the EGF. Learn what you can about them, learn to use the arena to your advantage. Do they have walls if so can you use them to evade your opponent. Can you use your ring as a weapon, are there protective barriers? If you can take time to train in the arena to get a feel for what lies in store for you.

Know the rules.

Some places like to do a 3 points and your out system, some are gladiatorial fights till someone is knocked out and others like to put you through multiple rounds that test your stamina.

Knowing what you’re getting yourself into will make sure you are mentally prepared to face the challenge ahead. Moreover knowing the rules allows you to know what you can and can’t get away with and maybe find some exploits. Now I am not saying you should cheat to win but sometimes if you can push those rules to breaking point it may just give you an edge.


Never stop training. If you want to be the best you’ve got to beat the best. You can’t slack either because all those other fighters looking to be the top dog are also training non stop. So if you want to be the top dog in the yard you best spend a good chunk of your day training.

Get yourself a style / gimmick.

Best way to get to those big time fights is to get the crowd to notice you. If they start cheering (or booing) for you more than the other folks, promoters are going to take notice and book you in some more prestigious matches. 

Try finding a look that stands out. Back in my day I wore a bright hot pink suit of armour that helped me to stand out amongst the other young up and comers. Also why not try taking on a gimmick, these are like a persona as such. Think of it as the your that you take to the ring. Become larger than life. Exaggerate a few things about yourself or maybe become a arrogant fighter and call out your opponents with complete disregard and get folks hot under the collar. With my hot pink armour I got the nickname the Pink princess so i went al lin with that nickname. I would hold myself like a prim and proper lady and act accordingly to my ‘lesser’ opponents. 

Lastly, the most important lesson I can give is to just go out there and have fun. Its a tough job you’re gonna wake up cut, bruised and sore or worse and the money isn’t always there. But when it all comes together it’s totally worth the wait.

I hope dear readers you found this useful. Come back again soo nowhere I will bring you more tips and tricks.

Till then this is your former Pink Princess telling you to have a pleasant day.

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