Luas key facts to success – winning at the Iron Lynx

June 18, 2021

Hello again my lovely readers today I come to you with a new series. Here I am going to teach you the key to success in the arenas across Ul’dah.

For tonight’s lesson we are going to talk about victory at the iron lynx.

The iron Lynx is one of the most popular venues for Eorzeas premiere fighters to come align for a few drinks a bit to eat and of course to throw down.

With their awe inspiring magitech barrier surrounding the gorgeous arena, fighters are saved from being severely wounded from the most devastating strikes as it is whittled down to nothing more than a welt across your chest.

The Lynx will allow anyone to fight provided they are healthy, abide by the rules and most importantly are willing to step through the curtain and put on a show. With the fourth anniversary this week happening over on the beaches of the Mist and two special four way fights planned for it I thought it was about time we sat down and taught you prospective fighters a thing or two before you step into that sandy arena.

So if you’re ready, read on dear reader and I shall teach you all you need to know.

Step 1 – The rules 

Alright let’s start with the basics. What are the rules for the Lynx. Simple enough combatants enter the ring and try to be the first to score a three hits before their opponent(s). Once there hits are scored that person wins.

At this time to my knowledge due to the barrier being in place to negate any serious injuries, most spells and weapons are allowed in (provided the weapon or spell is not considered illegal by local authorities).

Step 2 – combat dos

First off, get on the offensive. If you’re not you aren’t going to win are you.

Dodge. Getting out of the way is a good plan. I mean the last thing you want is to get hit. Strikes after all do still hurt and can make you disorientated.

Course if you can’t get out of the way block.

Points are scored with successful strikes, so you can block with a shield, parry with your sword or even punch a torrent of aether coming your way.

Use the arena to your advantage. Look at some of the more successful fighters. Chances are using those walls to their advantage. Either they are launching themselves off a pillar, using it as a weapon or just cornering their opponent so they have nowhere to run. Do this and your opponents will be stumped as to what to do when they think you’re trapped in the corner and you launch yourself over their heads to return the favour.

Step 3 – Combat don’ts

Do not get cocky. So you have the upper hand and you stop to rile up the crowd or gloat at your opponent. Bad move is giving them a moment to breathe, once they catch their breath they are going to start figuring out how to ruin your day. Next thing you know you are on your backside as the announcer is announcing your opponents victory. So stay on point.

Don’t insult your opponent.

Maybe you’re an arrogant Ishgardian noble believing you are beneath your opponent. Maybe you think this tactic will get in your opponents head and make them mess up.

I am here to tell you folks that more than likely all you’re going to do is make your opponent angry and thus most likely want to hit you even harder.

Too many times have I seen some poor eleven or hyur sent flying because they thought it was a good idea to make the Roegadyn with the big axe angry, so make sure that isn’t you right.  Not to mention win or lose a true fighter shows respect to their opponent.

The last thing I will say is that the announcers are always watching. If they believe you are showing unsportsmanlike conduct during the match they can and will stop the fight and kick you out. So make sure you are on your best behaviour.

With that said I hope you future and current fighters found this article useful, now don’t forget that the Lynx 4th anniversary is coming up this week and they have a special treat with two four man fights. So all the above rules apply but remember that its to the last person standing. So put on your best bathing suits and shine up that full plate because I will be watching!

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