Lynx Fourth Anniversary extravaganza – Duels too hot to handle

June 23, 2021

Well folks, one of the season’s biggest events was here the Iron Lynx fourth anniversary event. Hosted on the mist beach not far from the Litor estate. The main draw was the two four way free for all duels.  The show was crowded as I squeezed my way to a position I could see. Unfortunately my ship had got in late and I had turned up halfway through the first match. As I clambered onto the wall overlooking the battlefield I could see our combatants squaring off. Rae Peak was flying in mid air launching a pair of charkrams towards her opponent Talan kicking up a sand storm before Rae kicked him square in the ribs.

Talan would take the hit and then feint away from Rae unleashing an aether fueled strike towards Feral Couerl. Feral would see this coming and use the momentum of Talan by grabbing his arm looking to throw him against the wall, however Talan had foreseen this and used the momentum of Ferals throw to land in a position where the poor woman was now between him and Rae.

All the while this chain of events was going on Grehmerl could be seen on the other side of the sand pulling himself to his feet looking for his axe as it seemed he had been hit hard. I gave a wince as the xaela cracked his nose back into place and continued the fight.

Rae would be quickly on the offensive again as she retrieved her pair of chakram she would then throw them past the dazed Grhemerl as she moved in and grabbed him by his lower half and tossed the poor man towards the other two combatants proclaiming that he “needed to join the party”.

As everyone marveled at how the small framed Rae had sent the burly Xaela flying cursing her name as he went, we watched as Grehmerl in mid air and tuck himself into a ball as he headed towards the two combatants. Feral would be the unfortunate one for as she was too focused on Talan she did not see the grehmerl sized boulder rocket into her. As she fell to the floor the announcer called that as a hit eliminating feral much to her absolute bewilderment. Grehmerl would continue to bounce off the poor woman, eventually careering headfirst into the nearby wall with a thud and knocking himself unconscious, also eliminating himself. Although it could be argued as Rae launched Grehmerl towards Feral could that be counted as a double elimination for the Golden Shield? I shall let you decide dear readers.

Talan seeing this all go down would just laugh congratulating Rae before hinting of what he planned to do next, as he unleashed a burst of aether to propel him at great speeds towards Rae to deliver s knee to Raes side. Rae however was prepared having fought Talan one on one before. She would show off her own fancy footwork twisting and out of Talans reach. As she did, someone would call something I could not make out towards the Golden shield that would make her blush.

Rae would shake whatever was distracting her quickly as once more she launched her pair of chakram towards Talan. The Drunken Limsan however was not to be taken lightly especially on his home turf. He would leap back avoiding the first chakram then unleashing a weather torrent at the second one making it land unceremoniously in the sand. Running at rae he would declare that they should “give the audience a good show” Before sending a headbutt towards Raes skull.

Rae was prepared however and decided to show off her dance moves. Moving out of the way of Talans headbutt and going to repeat the same move she tried on Grehmerl to send him flying. However Talan was not going to fall for the same move, he would slip out of her hands and return the favour unleashing an aether fueled right hook.

Rae unfortunately would be unable to dodge this strike intime and would be sent shooting backwards. As she flew she managed to retrieve her chakram, she would taske the momentum she had been launched with and push off a nearby pillar throwing her weapons towards Talan.

Talan managed to dodge the first shot but the second chakram would catch him square in the gut, the momentum carrying him down arese first into the sand.

Talan would sit theorem momentarily dazed and laughing as he came to the realization that Rae had won the match. 

Yes folks Rae is definitely on a comeback and what a comeback it is. In the past moon she has defeated not one, not two but six whole opponents. Truly the sky’s the limit for the Golden shield. Its this reporter’s belief that soon enough Rae will be the one to beat at the Lynx as well as in the EGF.

As fighters queued up to sign on for the next fight I took a moment to grab a drink and catch up with my friends, as we stood there overlooking the beach it was announced that the best dressed event was starting. Members of the lynx staff would be passing through the audience looking for the best dressed man, woman and couple whilst the next match commenced with the winner being announced at the end of the fight.

With that announcement out of the way the second match would begin. This time our competitors were the greatsword wielding Shiro Ornir, The Au Ra known as ‘the Wolf of Hasuyama, our second newcomer was a vierra calling herself ‘the Witchblade’ Rheja. Finally filling out the lineup was the Pale knight of ishgard. That’s right folks the Pale Knight was here and arrogant as ever. As the announcer asked if the contestants were ready he would call out . “Ready. I wish not to spend longer than is required of me with these… Creatures”. Truly this man just loves to rile his opponents before a beatdown.

With that the match would begin. the Wolf would be the first out of the gate launching herself towards the witchblade unleashing her katana towards the Vierra. The witchblade however seemed to know what the Wolf had planned and leapt out of the way unleashing a thrust towards the Wolf’s shoulder with her own blade before landing and conjuring forth a magical barrier of some sort.

The Wolf too also seemed to know what the witchblade had planned and got out of the way. At this point I suspected that these two may have crossed paths before stepping into the fight.

Meanwhile on the other side of the arena Shiro was gunning for the Pale knight, he bore down on ser knight like he wanted to do some serious harm. With unthamomabal strength the xaela would bring the greatsword over his head and bring it crashing down towards his foe. The pale Knight unable to move in time would stagger back letting out a chortle and praising Shiro for his hit? Honestly this one stumped me as I’d never heard the Knight give his opponents a compliment yet. However he was just goadign his opponent on as he called out something about taming Shiro like he tamed some other person? Honestly it was hard to make out over the din of the crowd but I got the feeling that there may have been something personal between these two and in my experience when two opponents have heat against each other the fights never really end well.

The knight would lurch forward with a flurry from his own sword that only just clipped Shiro before he moved out of the way with some serious speed for a greatsword wielder.

Meanwhile back on the other side the wolf was not playing around either. She went for the witchblade once more charging towards her looking to bring down a mighty blow but switching their direction at the last minute. This caught the witchblade unawares and there barrier shattered as the Wolf’s blade found its mark.Pulling back the witchblade would coil like a viper and strike once more aiming for the Wolfs jugular and finding her mark.

Shiro now fuming at the pa;le knight attempted to grab him by the throat for a take down but the Pale Knight was prepared as he dodged. He goaded his foe once more saying something along the lines of how he was so weak and he couldn’t save someone? Truly there was bad blood in the air and sooner or later their fight was gonna get messy, barrier or no. The Pale Knight would swing the pommel of the blade towards Shiro’s jaw which would find its mark as Shiro blinded by his rage could not react in time. The blow was so effective it sent Shiro reeling. 

Seeing that the Knight fixated on his prey the wolf uses this opportunity to disengage from the Witchblade and go for the Pale knight himself. Moving behind him her blade unleashing a shockwave of aether towards the Pale knight. 

The Pale knights experience however was paying off and as he reveled in his humiliation of Shiro he would move in time to parry the wolf’s attack, sneering at her he would call out that she was “a petty child looking to play hero”

During all this the witchblade would stand her ground watching the fight as she cast protective spells to keep herself safe, she would proclaim to ser Knight to be careful as there were “Three petty children”. A sign that the Pale knight was now a marked man.

Shiro enraged regained his composure to an extent. He had the look of a crazed animal. He looked upon the fight in front of him and seeing ser Knights back exposed to him launched a spinning dervish of an attack towards the Pale knight proclaiming to the Wolf that the Pale Knight was his and that she should back off.

Having none of the Pale Knight would disengage the wolf and evade Shiro’s attack. Swinging his blade at the Wolf he would proclaim to the audience “See people! Do you see what lesser races need to do in order to mimic a fraction of an Ishgardian’s power”. 

At this point I have to wonder if he just loves messing with his opponents or is he really this arrogant.

The wolf would be distracted by Shiros reaction to her aid that she would not see the Knights blade until it was too late. Staggering back the wolf would not be put off. Shifting her focus to Shiro she would run towards him striking at the Xaelas leg.

Shiro would drop his knee as the strike hit. He was too fixated on the Pale knight to see any other present danger. Still as he rose to his feet he would growl at the wolf telling her once more that the Knight was his and to back off.

By this point the Witchblade had seen enough. Stepping onto one of her own magical barriers she would be jolted into the air by the electrical attack landing behind the Pale knight launching a gust of wind at him trying to get his attention.

By now this four way brawl was becoming a mess as the pale Knights arrogance grew as he once more evaded another attack sent his way and Shiro grew increasingly more enraged.

However it was plain to see that the Knight was at his limit. He was now battling at least two to three opponents at once sooner or later he was going to be eliminated.

He would goad the Witchblade as he took a moment to catch his breath hoping her focus would be set upon either the Wolf or shiro.

Shiro not missing a moment’s beat he launched himself at the winded Knight knocking him to the floor. As the Apel knight staggered back to his feet his breath heavy he would curse at Shiro and proclaim “You wish to be a hero so badly, then you can watch your friends fall in this ring.” With that he would surge at the Wolf looking to cut her down with a strike towards her torso.

The wolf would not be caught out so easily however. She had only to deal with one opponent at a time and was able to maneuver out of the way before sheathing her blade. She would then nod to the witchblade and hold her attack. At this point it was clear there was an alliance right now between the Wolf and the Witchblade. They were now conserving their energy whilst they tag teamed between assaulting the Pale knight. 

A smart tactic if I ever saw one, making alliances is the best way to increase your chances of winning. Perhaps I should write another article on the art of all out brawls.

The Witchblade getting the Wolf’s message would proclaim that the Knight and Shiro need to “Stop clowning around” before moving to deliver a kick to the Pale knights back side (about time someone did).

The Pale knight would parry once more, perhaps he had enough time to catch his breath. He was soon wasting it once more as he started to taunt the Witchblade calling her a murderer and how she was getting involved in a feud she knew nothing about. 

Throwing his Sword to the floor Shiro looked like at that point it was all or nothing. He would charge towards the Pale knight tackling him to the floor. This would be enough to eliminate the Knight but Shiro, enraged, would pin him to the floor and begin to wail on his face. “Why did you make me do this!?” Shiro would cry out.

As the announcer cried out for Shiro to stop it looked like that the match was getting out of hand. Sooner or later the fight would have to be either called or security would be dragging one of them out to sea.

Shiro would continue to beat on the Pale knight for a little while longer before collapsing to the floor, the knights face was bloodied and bruised but he too lay there as medical teams were rushed in to check in on him, the stands had goen quiet as he was carried away calling out to Shiro that he “fights like a dog”. Shiro would lay there a few moments before raising his hand and announcing he was disqualifying himself. 

Once both combatants had been removed from the arena the fight was resumed. 

It was now the Wolf and the witchblade squaring off.

After some back and forth between the two the Witchblade would go first launching herself towards the Wolf looking for a quick win. The wolf however was prepared and side stepped and unleashed her own strike against the Witchblade. Aether coursing across the wolfs blade as the witchblade is sent flying across the sand.

Getting to her feet the witchblade looked to attempt to cast a spell but whatever the Wolf’s attack did it was stopping her from anifestign her spells. So gritting her teeth the Witchblade had no choice but to charge forward lunging with her blade. The Wolf was ready and would deflect the Witchblades blade with her own, then nimbly as she parried the blow she would adjust her grip and slash towards the witchblades chest.

This time though the Witchblade was ready as she catches the Wolf unawares moving her blade to the right point to unseat the katana from the wolf’s hands. It looks like the wolf was now defenceless as once more the Witchblade would lunge their foil towards the Wolf’s throat only to stop just short. For you see the Wolf wasn ot completely defenceless as the produced a smaller blade and with a quick movement of there arm was able to bring the blade to the Witchblades throat thus scoring the final hit.

With that the Wolf had won there first fight at the Lynx a momentous moment that would be overshadowed by the commotion that had happened during their match. Nonetheless though it was a momentous win that had the audience cheering the pair left the sands.

With that, however, the final match went to overtime meaning that the Lynx had to call ti tiem there as it was getting late and the forecasts said the weather would soon turn. With htat the winners of the best dressed competition were announced.

Vee Redgraves and Theodora Miral would win the prize for the best dressed couple.

The Pale knight of ishgard although battered and bloody would win the best dressed man a prize i am sure he too great pride in (I mean after all no matter what you think of him you have to admit he knows how to dress). 

Finally Tsuki Terashi would take first place inf the best dressed womens section.

With that the show came to an end, as people filed out to find shelter before the inclement weather hit. I took a few moments to get a few quick words from the wolf and the witch blade.

The WitchBlade Rheja was my first port of call. She seemed confused that i wanted to talk to the runner up first but hey as i see it she may have come second but these two came first in the audience eyes.

I started off by asking her what she thought about the fight and the drama that went down during.

“It…was, yeah. I had no idea what beef Hawk – err, Shiro, that is – has with the Knight, though. Something about vengeance for someone else?”

It was at that i couldn’t help but note to Rheja that the knight seems to have a lot of ‘beef’ with several people it would seem. 

I then went on to ask how she felt about her performance.

 “Well, that was the first time I actually crossed swords with my friend.”  With a quick nod of her head she would motion towards the Wolf confirming my suspicions that they knew each other quite well.

I asked if she felt she could have done or did the chaotic nature of a four way melee take her off her game.

Rheja would take a moment to respond as it seemed she had a audience building, i could tell she reveled in the attention.

“Well…I went in expecting to – pardon the language – go apeshit on my friends. The fact that apparently one of the has a beef with someone…You just don’t go around butting into that, you know?”

I then asked if she would be coming back to the Lynx for another stab (so to speak) at duel night.

 “Maybe. Only to fight people I know, though. I get a little…carried away fighting strangers.”

A shame really as i feel this Witchblade could make for a interesting opponent, not to mention there are plenty of fighters who get carried away once there behind the barrier.

With that i bid farewell to Rheja and allowed her to wallow in the adoration of her friends and wellwishers but not before informing her that it would seem she had some fans in the crowd that intrigued her. Perhaps this prospect may tempt her to come again, only time will tell.

With that i moved onto meeting the winner of the last melee of the evening, The Wolf of Hasuyama I started by asking the Wolf what in the hells was going on as she seemed to have gotten herself stuck herself between a feuding Shiro and Pale knight.

“Saw they were having a go at each other, figured I’d try ‘n get a few hits in while they were distracted. Only worked somewhat.”

I noted to the wolf that her intervention could have cost her the match yet she hand managed to persevere and overcome this and what’s more had the bested her friend in one on one combat, how did she feel about this.

“Good t’know I got someone with ‘er skill ’round. We in the field, she’s a good ally, ‘n back here I can have a go at ‘er without needing t’hold back.”

As she spoke the Wolf would grin at the friend who by now was flocked by admirers.

I then asked the Wolf if she would be coming back to Duel Night again soon for another round or two. But like her friend it would seem this held no interest for her.

 “Ain’t got much interest in fighting strangers just like that. Might turn up t’spectate, but doubt I’ll be making a name f’myself in th’arenas.”

A shame in my opinion dear readers as I think the Wolf could best even some of the top talent at the lynx. Either way I moved on asking her how she intended to spend her winnings.

“Save it, probably. Ain’t got the most lucrative job. Gotta save what extra money I can, eh?”

Who says an adventurer’s life is full of Gil aye readers.

For my last question I had to ask what she thought of the Pale knight and his attitude towards his opponents.

Giving me a deadpan look the Wolf told me exactly what she thought “He’s a fecking shitter.”

With that I left the Wolf alone to celebrate her victory.

But I felt like my night was not over dear readers. As I wanted to finally collar the Pale knight himself and get an exclusive with the elusive Knight. Unfortunately as I ran across the mist looking for him it would seem he had eluded me for now. 

But do not threat dear readers, someday soon I shall catch up with the Pale Knight and finally get a glimpse of what goes on in his mind.

Until then I bid you farewell till next time where I will be covering the next EGF event. 

If you can’t wait till then and have some questions you would like to ask why not drop my a letter over at the Daily moogle. 

But until then keep your eyes peeled for more sporting action only here in the Daily moogle.

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