Major upset at EGF Rising Stars

September 27, 2021

The EGF was back on top form tonight however the show was over too soon. 

The show only had two matches but they were action packed.

Also as a treat for the audience we had our very own Wes the butterfly man on the commentary booth calling the action.

The first match of the night saw the Daily Moogles favourite intern Mizuno taking on the new girl on the block R’iqu Jesal in her EGF debut. Mizuno coming off a draw against the Devil Trigger. R’iqu has been making herself known over at the Iron Lynx where she has yet to grab a win.

The first round got off to a flying start as Mizuno came out swinging his blade and catching R’iqu unawares. R’iqu responded with a strike of her own catching Mizuno unawares. Mizuno however would fish the first round with a devastating big bang sending R’iqu reeling.

Round two kicked off with R’iqu coming out fighting, throwing darts and fire at Mizuno who managed to get a strike in before the round was called in R’iqus favour.

With the third round under way the two would clash steel before R’iqu sealed the deal blasting Mizuno to the floor and knocking him out cold and thus picking up her first win.

With that it was on to the main event a team elimination match pittig the team of Talan Gelso and the debuting Johnny Gat against U’nalia Odh and The Jewel of Gry Abania Hartgeim Ubyltuwyn.

Talan in the top tier at the iron Lynx but had yet to score a win in the EGF languishing at the bottom of the rankings, meanwhile his partner Johnny Gat was yet to be ranked but sported an aura of coolness with his jacket and shades combo.

On the opposing side U’nalia was also still looking for a win but was coming in with a stronger score card tha Talan with only one loss and a draw to her name. Hartgeim on the other hand made her EGF debut, Hart is known as a seasoned veteran with an impressive Win Loss record but her clashes with Talan at the Lynx have proven to be one sided as in the previous month she had been soundly beaten by the Limsan.

The fight started off with U’nalia and Johnny squaring off. It was a close back and forth match as U’nalia and Gat traded blows but neither was able to score a decisive hit until Johnny caught Nalia with moments to spare. With that Johnny had won the round and eliminated U’nalia from the match.

Up next was the rematch Talan versus hart. Anyone looking to see these two have a heated brawl were sorely disappointed. The pair locked up for a test of strength with Talan gaining the advantage as he sukered Hart with a heade butt. As the Roegady was reeling he launched a flaming kick towards her stomach knocking her to the floor dazed and confused with Referee Kaiya Nagano calling the round and giving Talan and Johnny the victory.

With that the show was over Talan finally got a win along with his new team mate and they celebrated with an impromptu match in the cage, meanwhile their opponents slinked off to lick their wounds. It is safe to say with two one sided victories against Hartgeim under his belt that Talan may be the best brawler on the fight scene today and a clear fan favorite to win the Iron Lynx tournament this year.

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