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Manhunt at the Lynx

November 22, 2021

A security altercation erupted during the most recent fight night at The Iron Lynx, a bar and inn that does business within the Goblet district of Ul’dah.

As the fighters battled in the ring an individual allegedly used the opportunity to lighten the purses of attendees.

The individual accused of pickpocketing was stopped by Lynx staff and asked to leave the premises. The individual in question refused and began threatening said security.

Somehow managing to slip past them, the management and security raised the alarm beginning what some have labeled a ‘manhunt’ to apprehend the individual in question. The Lynx called upon patron and ring fighters alike to aid in the search and apprehension of the alleged thief.

The Immortal flames however became entangled in the affair before the purported thief was apprehended. They of course had questions for the Lynx management with regards to the safety of the patrons and the fighters.

As one can imagine the fighting circuit is an important revenue stream in Ul’dah as well as being a primary form of public entertainment.

Some fighters were of course a bit discouraged as the altercation drew attention away from their bouts which of course inevitably occurs when such things happen.

To put the public mind at ease however one can imagine that those who own and operate the Lynx are working to maintain adequate security during their many events.

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