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July 28, 2021

Hello Dearhearts, Soon To Be Dearhearts and All Dear Friends!  This butterfly man has been flitting around and WOAH BOY do I have some stuff to write about.


First off!  It was SO LOVELY to see all the beautiful faces out at the Phoenix Trading Summer Market!  From the quirky yellow Miqo’te (who gave me a date!  Not -that- kind of date, one you can eat!) to the flower of an Elezen woman (you’re a flower, not a morbol, I still have no idea what that other one was on about…) to the purple Lalafell (did I ever thank you for the compliment?  Well, THANK YOU!) I know I had a good time there.  A big Thank You to the Phoenix Trading for letting us set up a stand and hand out Daily Moogle’s (and a bit of love advice!) to the general populace.


On to my second topic!  Here at the Daily Moogle offices, I, Wes, The Butterfly Man, offer a wide variety of services from a special Secret Admirer set-up, to Love Advice in the form of this very column, to the Matchy Dates where you can find your Future Dearheart.  All you’ve got to do is drop in to the office, request one of these services, and you’ll be directed to the appropriate form or mailbox!  Don’t be shy!  Drop in to the offices in the Mist today! 


And for the last, but certainly not least topic – MATCHY FRIENDS!  In just three suns time, I’ll be hosting the first ever Matchy Friends event, at the Slice of Life Community Center in Gridania!  There are still a few spaces available, don’t hesitate!  Contact me at the Daily Moogle offices and reserve your spot, there are a limited number of them!  This is the perfect chance for you shy folks to get out there and have the opportunity to talk to people, without feeling the pressure of taking the initiative on for yourself.  We’ve got a few secrets in store, and I hope to see your beautiful faces there!


That’ll do it for this time, I’ll be writing again after the Matchy Friends has concluded and talk about how that went, as well as answer any Advice you Dearhearts have left for me in my inbox.  Until next time, may you ever have a trail of Butterfly Dust sparkling your path.

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Plot: 6
Slice of Life Community Center
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Plot: 51
The Daily Moogle
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