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May 31, 2021

Our dear reader Sinistre Beaufort offered this question to us:

“What led you to become a journalist?”

As The Daily Moogle is comprised of a team of wonderful writers, we wanted to let each one of them give you their responses! The responses are listed in the order they were received.

F’Mhena Portia

F’Mhena Portia Spriggan The Daily Moogle Final Fantasy XIV Chaos RPC Discord

“Keep it brief? Right then. Simply put, I began working for the publication upon the evaluation that it may provide a rather unique opportunity for me to expand a network of contacts to aid me. Make no mistake, I did not aim for this goal because it most befit me and my own personality, but rather my own goal. As I still do tend to such objective, I have also recently perchance stumbled unto a discovery that such a job also allows for the acquisition of knowledge that would otherwise be unobtainable through encyclopedia or the like. Thusly, a role investigating the world around me has proven invaluable to academic pursuits as a book may only tell you so much, while people may educate you on the finer details of the world providing an incredibly unique outlook. If you were to ask me such a question in 10 years time, mayhaps my answer may change. Would I be jaded and worn from the social labours of the job? Or would I remain satisfied in my place in life? It is something I ponder often, but in the words of the great philospher-…” Due to space limitations, the other 200 words of her quote have been removed for other responses.

Gasian Gaond

Gasian Gaond Spriggan The Daily Moogle Chaos RPC Discord

Ever since I was young, I have always been fascinated by people. One of my favourite things to do as a child was to sit by a pier in Limsa Lominsa, whichever of its numerous remarkable piers…to simply watch the travellers coming and going, from regular adventurers to wealthy merchants, from notorious pirates to wide-eyed sightseers, from weary explorers to foreigners of all shapes and sizes. I wonder about their destination, their lives, their motivations, their past and their future…because not one person in that pier is ever the same as another. I wonder about what drives a person to just…be. That constant, peculiar stream of curiosity in my mind is what pushes me to explore why someone is the way they are, why a place was built the way it is, why history happened the way it was written…or not written. And perhaps I believe… one day that would help me find out the very thing that I need to discover about my own self.

Mizuno Kanta

Mizuno Kanta Spriggan The Daily Moogle Chaos RPC Discord

Well I’m not a journalist yet! I’m still just an intern trying to make money by writing catchy articles. I get paid per article you know, so the more I write the more money I make. Yes, that’s right. Mizuno, the loveable intern, went into the business for money. As it turns out I get free handouts for advertisements as well so that’s a nice bonus. If money would not be such a need, I would say I write to find out more about the people and places of Eorzea.

Wes, The Butterfly Man

Wes The Butterfly Man Omega Chaos RPC Discord

Well you see, I came in to the office one day because I felt compelled. How exciting to see where real live news takes place! There, in the offices, was a man. A man like no other. His name? Mizuno. And while he didn’t have any pink on, nor did the interior of the office sport enough of the bestest EVEREST color, I still felt drawn. Drawn like a Butterfly to a Leaf, drawn to a place of rest and peace and comfort. And there, Friend Mizuno and I orchestrated the most wonderful friendship! He offered me a job! Where else would I manage to flit to all corners of Eorzea for my Matchmaking services? One Man.. ahem, I mean.. One -Butterfly-… cannot fly everywhere all at once. And so, the partnership came to be. In exchange for helping to boost my Matchy Dates, I write articles about love and offer advice, and other fantastic services such as the Secret Admirer…er..erererer..er. That is how it all began.

Kiyo Obinata

I really cannot say that I feel as though I qualify as a Journalist per se. For the most part I write to give people a chance to hear the stories of those around them. Many of those stories might not otherwise be heard. 

Everyone one has a story.

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