Meeting Alys

April 4, 2021

Today I visited Wineport in eastern La Noscea. I was hoping to meet with a contact that could aid me in sharpening certain skills, but I seemed to have missed them. 

I did however meet a lovely Viera by the name of Alys. She was sitting alone over a well. She asked about what I assume is a local tradition of dropping a coin in a well and making a wish. 

I can only assume this is some form of making an offering to a Kami so I tried it myself. I believe I can write here what that wish was, I still hope to find a way to find those responsible for my family’s death. I don’t know how, but I want to make amends, but this of course you know all too well my dear pen and paper.

As for Alys, well she seemed to be missing home. I can only understand her predicament as I too miss home. I hope to return one day, but for now visits will have to suffice.

Alys however is a very interesting person. She is taking dancing lessons and hopes to use the funds from dancing to open a salon. I do hope she succeeds and I plan on encouraging her as much as I can. 

As for missing home I hope to help her with this as well. Her mother used to make a special kind of tea that they would drink together. I hope to produce something at least reasonably similar to her mother’s recipe. With these things it is always so difficult to reproduce as a lot of times the true flavor is more an art of who makes it more so than in just the ingredients, but I will do my best. 

I have arranged to meet with her again soon. 

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