Mizuno goes social! The first Matchy Friends.

August 1, 2021

Dear readers!

Even though Wes has already covered the Matchy Friends in general, I figured I would indulge you on an insiders view as a person that got roped into being seated and talking to people. And off we go!

It started with being greeted by Wes in the Slice of Life community center while some of the participants had already gathered and others trickling in over time. We had quite a varied and colorful cast in all sizes and shapes. When we started the stationary people like myself got divided in the separate rooms and I got the office.. which was an understatement. At one of the desks was a patch of grass with strange foliages growing out. I was tempted to ask my visitors what their thoughts were on this strange happening but that might have side tracked the conversation far too much. But enough about the weird decorative choices of the venue and onward to the people I talked to.

My first “guest” was a Raen by the name of Narumi who travels across Eorzea with a thirst for knowledge. I might introduce her to Chabi, they could make great traveling buddies. We talked about not being native to these places (those damn horns just gave it away every time) and how the folklore, history and nature of Eorzea interests her. I might have even given her some inside information about an upcoming Daily Moogle event! While I was talking about some local restaurants my next guest came in but I was still able to direct her to one of my favorite restaurants, such fun! 

The person coming in sporting some very colorful lilac hair introduced himself as Alex. From a previous talk I heard him say he’s a musician and puts together outfits for people. He enjoys his free life making coin this way but he confesses it’s not the most stable of pay. He was curious why I was attending the event as it was also hosted through us, which was a fair point actually, I was there to help out Wes and to socialize some, simple as that. He asked to describe myself and I gave him a brief rundown of myself without theatrics. Apparently my former nomadic lifestyle appeals to him as a wandering musician. I must confess I did try to hire him for whatever wild ideas we may have that could involve music. He seemed fine with the idea but before we could further discuss it my final “guest” arrived.

This one introduced himself as Tsubaki no Rakuyo and he hit it off instantly with Wes’ question: “Would you want to breathe underwater or be able to fly in the air, forever?”
We both agreed that breathing underwater would be more suitable, myself for not being able to drown (I’m still accident prone) and himself because it would make things like avoiding bandits easier. Foreigners are taught to be an easy target and even his sword does not seem to be enough to keep bandits away. He travels to earn money to keep traveling, which he intends to keep doing until he can find a wife to settle down with. I did recommend him to make use of Wes’ Matchy Dates in that case and as if it was timed Wes barges in to announce that this round of Matchy Friends was over and invited us downstairs to mingle more in general now.

After Wes’ rousing speech most people started to mingle whereas I just leaned back and enjoyed the comfort of the couch. Before too long I got addressed by a tanned female Hyur with blonde hair and reddish tints.  We talked about a lot of different topics, dear reader, ranging from Wes, the Daily Moogle, food and restaurants. Apparently one of her favourite places is where I once went to have cake and got mesmerized by this strange bird gadget that kept dipping its beak in a bowl of water. She recommended the lemon cake there. Personally I have my reservations about lemons in a cake as that sounds sour but I suppose giving it a try couldn’t hurt … I hope. 
We also forgot to introduce ourselves to one another until the very last moment of our conversation. Juniper, which is her name, is a medic and a former Ala Mhigan resistance member. upon hearing she’s a medic I suggested that if she needed work she could seek out Hart to work for the EGF. On the side she also knits things so I asked her to make me a wool hat that’d fit over my horns, never know when you’d need it! And not that I remember, that café , which turned out to be Café Delight, also has popoto sandwiches! Definitely something I’ll have to look into for my next idea as well, but more on that on another date. 

In closing, did I have an enjoyable evening? This intern believes so.

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