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Sick of the Valentinos season? Want to get away from all this romance? Lua has her top picks to get away from it all.
Wes is an excited Butterfly Man, having several bits of good news to convey
Wes is confused by the All Saint’s Wake, but not confused about what to give for the latest in Love Advice.
Wes touches again on some things coming up after the end of the Turn, as well as tackling a ‘tough’ issue from a reader
Wes talks about where he’s been… and where he’s going to be soon
Wes visits the Golden Saucer to help a reader with their problem
Wes was a Guest Announcer for the EGF and urges his Dear Readers to seek their Dearhearts through his Matchy services.
Wes tells us how to navigate some low-key areas in Ishgard for potential date ideas and promotes the EGF.
Wes re-visits a topic he’s given advice to outside of the Fluttery column, and gives a sneak peek of where he’ll be attending in the future.
Wes has new mail! Read the advice he gives to one who has a Dearheart but needs help with them, and to one in need of a little confidence booster.