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EGF Lord of the Cage was full of non stop action and not one but two surprise entrants.
All the news and results from EGF heavensturn
Lua Luana sits down with EGF champion Helga before her first title defence.
Lua Luana gets the scoop on the EGF’s next big shows Heavensturn and Lord of The Cage
EGF announces two new shows one with a rubber match of epic proportions and a new special match with a prize too good to miss out on.
EGF 8 saw alot of new faces join the show as well as some veterans and a rematch for the EGF title that saw thunderbolts of lightning, very very frightening!
With less than a week to go until the rematch of the year Lua L’uana catches up with EGF champion R’dei Rhes to talk about love, life and grudges.
Its tiem for the Iron Lynx Tag-bral Moon first event and the action is off to a flying start.
Breaking news. Date for the next EGF event and a important title rematch announced.