Moogle Categories: Spotlight

Kiyo Obinata discusses the Free Company Talon’s Reach with Cecily Tanner and Shaiko Kovasch.
Mizuno, intern at the Daily Moogle, is back in the game interviewing the winner of the archery competition.
Mizuno, the intern at the Daily Moogle, has his most informal interview to date.
Lua L’uana sits down with one of the contenders for the EGF championship. We ask the question is she a woman with a chip on her shoulder or is she the rightful champion wronged?
Mizuno, intern at the Daily Moogle, gets his interview interrupted!
Kiyo interviews and most interesting employee of the Serene View Teahouse.
Mizuno, the tenacious intern, is still on the Mothman after meeting a smooth-tongued person.
Mizuno, intern at the Daily Moogle, goes shopping!
Salynne Beauvelle shares some of her past and discusses future educational plans with Kiyo!
Mizuno, the unaware intern, gets caught offguard with a random interview.