More letters to the editor

June 6, 2021

You all sent more letters in and given the toilet is clogged again, I’ve no choice but to reply to these lest my house fill up like an Ul’Dah flea market.

There are rumours that the Moogle Post has come into the possession of some Estinien themed fiction. When will the post release these stories to the public?
Estininien? Isn’t that the clever old guy who always has his tongue poking out? We don’t hire schoolgirl nonsense writers in this firm.

What’s your preferred editorial style?
It could be a line per page and the ink made from my own blood. I don’t care as long as it sells papers.

The interviews between the two title contestants seemed biased against R’dei Rhes.
I’m paid to run a firm, not give a damn about what you think.

What about a weekly joke section? Either submitted by the readers or the writers/interns. Would that be amusing? This reader believes so.
The only jokes here are these lousy interns. But sure, the people want jokes, we’ll give ’em jokes. I’ll take the best three jokes a week from either reader or writer. Just don’t expect to get paid.

The icecream machine was a no go, but what about a coffee machine?
Perfect! I need something to hide the whiskey smell in my office.

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