My first interview and a free Moogle statue!

May 1, 2021

Dear reader,

Today yours truly had his first interview! On a whim I decided to return to the Winking Paissa to ask about the Moogle statue I wrote about before. Upon entering I was met with a rather frowning Miqo’te man, a chilling glare that sent parently vibes through my being! The kind where you get thwacked with a rod if you spoke out of turn or took food when you weren’t supposed to.

Upon talking however this person was nothing like his glare, though he did ask was I was there for. Straight to business, which more and more people seem to do around me lately. I mentioned I was there for a Moogle statue and if I could interest him in an advertisement. Now I won’t bore you with the details of our back and forth wheeling and dealing, the subtle nuances of bartering, but in the end I manage to secure the Moogle Statue for the office!

In closing, don’t judge people by their scowls. This intern believes so.

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