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Oak Villa Dance A Night Of Music And Merriment

January 23, 2022

The cheerful sounds of rivalry and merriment were to be heard in Old Gridania two suns past. 

Resident and local bard Benoit Riondel hosted a jubilant event at the Oak Villa, wherein folk dances were held. One could also sup upon exotic beverages or special drinks prepared specifically for the event. 

Attendees danced the night away in their finest attire, enjoying one another’s company and the splendid venue.

Those who braved the dance were also eligible to participate in a raffle! There were two winners who will be awarded a portrait. We believe that Ysere Hyskaris and Olluine Dhoro were the two lucky winners. Regardless one can be assured that they will likely await their rewards on pins and needles to be sure.

Should another similar dance be held dear readers we can only hope that you may attend to experience the music and merriment for yourselves.

The Oak Villa is owned In-Character by Benoit Riondel (Out of Character Diane Riondel) and can be found on Omega, in the Lavender Beds Ward 4, [Sub Ward] Lily Hills Apartments 11 – 16. In Character however, the Oak Villa is located in Old Gridania. Only apartments 14 and 15 were just the ones used specifically for this event.

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