Phoenix Trading

Of Business and New Friends

April 11, 2021

First thing this morning I visited Kesa at Phoenix Trading to pick up the items I had ordered. She seemed to be in a bit of distress. I hope she is not overtaxed with her work, she is quite busy. She assured me that there is nothing I should be concerned with, but I offered my assistance. I would like to help her but without knowing how it would be rather difficult.

Despite my misgivings I did spend time conversing with Kesa which I always enjoy. I commented on her dress and asked how she felt about wearing Eorzean fashions. She seemed to have adopted the styles quite well. Considering what I have learned from the Ul’dan merchants I wonder if I should do the same. Well at least when I plan to do the necessary reconnaissance for my endeavor.

Kesa mentioned that her dress was made for her by a Viera by the name of Teija. She said she would be willing to help me meet with Teija so that I might request at least one set of clothing in the Eorzean style.

Though when I mentioned this Kesa seemed a bit disappointed. Apparently she believes my current style to be quite sufficient. While I agree and prefer my Hingan and Eastern themed attire, there are places in Eorzea where wearing such styles will not help with my progress, not that my race would be of much help either. While there are many adventuring Au Ra we are still quite rare compared to the other races. Well except for the Hrothgar and Viera of course.

Sadly Kesa had an emergency arise so I will have to return. While I do wish I could have chatted with her a bit longer I look forward to doing so again.

With business concluded I returned to my office to find Mizuno waiting for me yet again. I did tell him that the course of treatment would take two days. Surprisingly he returned. I have had other similar cases where I simply never saw them again so I find this rather interesting.

On further discussion with him he has offered to obtain herbs that I might use in Alchemy in exchange for his treatment. I gave him a list, but I am curious to see if he will lose it. However I am also surprised that he can read. He is of the Steppes but has apparently taken it upon himself to learn the art. There are so many who simply find it unnecessary so I find that rather interesting.

Tomorrow I plan on taking a nice long day of rest. I believe the upcoming week will be quite busy. I also plan on making arrangements to visit the Hrothgar’s tea house that I might inquire if he would be able to assist me in concocting a tea for Alys. I should also send a note to Alys letting her know that I am doing so.

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