Of smithies, gunblades and perhaps … the Mothman?!

April 28, 2021

After my visit to the Winking Paissa I decided it was time to end the evening on a more serious note. During my searching for scoops I noticed a notice (see what I did there?) about a smithy in the Goblet.

After some searching I found myself face to face with one of my own that happened to be the owner of the smithy establishment. We skipped pleasantries, kinship and all that and went straight to business, which came with a certain smile! Quite refreshing actually.

As it so happens yours truly has an old dingy gunblade that needed some repairing, so a deal was made involving boar skins and gil. The boar skins I will have to get from actual boars! In the Black Shroud no less, maybe I’ll find the Mothman while I’m there, who knows?

At the end of our business we did manage to exchange pleasantries after all and found out that the owner goes by the name of Fenix and that the smithy is called “The Phoenix Feather”.

In closing: The Mothman calls me, even when I go to a smithy. This intern believes so.

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  1. Uh, yer boomstabber broke sooner than expected. Hope it wasn’t me.

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