Of Sportsmanship and Explosives. Having a Blast at the first EGF show

June 1, 2021

Well then dear readers last night I bore witness to a spectacle. Eorzeas Greatest Fighter had their first show and I will say it did not disappoint. From my seat up in the bleachers I got a good view of the two matches.

First up was a fan favourite, the Devil Trigger Nero Redgrave taking on the posts very own intern Mizuno Kanta.

Mizuno would start the first round strong, his axe clashing with Neros gunblade. Soon enough with a thundering roar from his gunblade the experienced Nero was able to capitalise and beat Mizuno back to take the first round, all the while cheering on his opponent and complimenting him every time he scored a hit.

Mizuno would come back swinging in the second round, could it be that Nero was not used to fighting multiple rounds? Possibly but maybe our plucky intern was just lucky, not lucky enough however to avoid the trickey devil trigger pulling out his patented gundagger to give our hapless intern a nasty surprise. Either way the Devil trigger was in high spirits cheering on his opponent with every axe swing that struck him.

With the match all tied up at one a piece both fighters squared off each trading blows back and forth, steel clashing with steel. Both men struggled to gain the advantage. 

That was until Nero struck back deafening the audience with his gunblade. Followed up by another strike from the Devil Trigger Mizuno would find himself on the back foot but with a clash of steel he would once more lock horns with Nero and was able to gain a good strike, swinging his axe in an upward motion to catch Nero unawares.. Now with time quickly slipping away Mizuno desperately tried to pull back and take the match to a draw but Nero was able to evade his blows taking him to the time limit and snatching victory from the intrepid intern.

Nero may have taken the victory but Mizuno proved that even a plucky rookie can take the wily vetran to the limit.

Afterwards both men shared a moment of congratulations with each other before benign escorted to the back to be checked out. I will honestly say dear reader that sportsmanship goes a long way in matches such as these. 

Nero once more proved why he is viewed as one of the toughest opponents to beat on the Ul’dah fight circuit to take the inaugural victory in this first event. But that is not to take anything away from our very own Mizuno dear readers. For his first ever official match he fought remarkably well; and the fact he managed to go three round with Nero and nearly take the Devil Trigger to a draw says to me that Mizuno may be one to watch and possibly even a future #1 contender or maybe even champion.

After a brief interlude the main event was under way. This was billed as a grudge match and let me tell you dear reader this one turned into an all out brawl. Gone was the camaraderie and sportsmanship of the first fight; this one was just nasty.

The Competitors Helga the blind monk and U’nalia Odh the knife wielding seeker had squared off before at the iron lynx where Helga had claimed victory over U’nalia and now we were witnessing the rematch.

As the match begun Helga moved lightning fast, bringing flaming fists to bear and catching U’nalia unawares. This however would not last as the Miqo’tes knives would begin to find their mark as U’nalia threw a knife at Helga before jump kicking it into the poor woman’s chest. Fortunately Helgas armour and the arenas barrier prevented any serious injury, however U’nalia now had the upper hand and came out strong slashing and stabbing at helga. Leaving her mark. At one point as the round was called she would strike at the woman’s throat. Once more if safety measures had not been in place the dauntless monk would have been done for.

As the fighters caught there breath I could not help but notice that the commentary team was somewhat Biased towards Helga, One even went so far as to make conversation with the competitor before the next round began.

With round two on the way things took a drastic turn. Helga came back out on top showing an amazing display of aether manipulation. She would unleash a volley of wind and fire based attacks, some even at range that took U’nalia off her guard. Although U’nalia managed to get a solid stabbing blow to Helga’s ear, it felt as if that round had only just begun when the referee called time and gave the round to Helga as she sent U’nalia flying back into the cage walls, blood streaming from the miqo’tes nose. I cannot confirm as much my dear readers but I believe Helga had been holding back in the first round possibly to put on a show for the dear audience or perhaps she was trying to psych her opponent out.

Either way as round three began it was clear that U’nalia was unfocused. Could it be that having gone two rounds with Helga had worn her out or had her complete devastation in round two broke her confidence? Who knows but from here on out she fought like a wild Courel. She would launch herself at helga slashing and stabbing as she had done before but it seemed Helga had wisened up to her fighting style. The two would trade blows back and forth neither making contact and the time slipping away it felt like the match would go down to a time limit draw. But then U’nalia looked as if she was running low on fuel when Helga struck. She delivered a quick flaming combo sending the seeker reeling. Not to be outdone however U’nalia produced her trump card a bomb! 

That’s right folks, a bomb. As the announcer said it’s not illegal but it is a foul move. You would think dear readers that such a weapon would be against the rules but as someone who has fought several times in the barrier arenas anything goes! The bomb would find its mark sending Helga reeling but not enough it would seem, for just as U’nalia looked like she was ready to mount a comeback and try and take this fight to a tie with time slipping away (which seems to be a common occurrence in these last two matches dear reader) Helga would come back swinging delivering a devastating blow to U’nalia that she was knocked out cold. 

Before even the Referee could call the match medical personnel were already barging in to check on our poor wild Courels injuries. But with that the match was over and Helga stood victorious, weather the rivalry has been put to rest or is merely heating up is yet to be seen.

With this show concluded Helga and Nero were pushed up the rankings towards that #1 contender’s position. Right now it is unclear who will be in line for a EGF title match in the future and one does wonder if these two will be due a match in the future to determine that. At the same time there are other fighters waiting in the wings who have yet to be ranked on the board so at this point in time its anyone’s guess to who could be the next #1 contender.

Either way this was a thoroughly good show The sportsmanship and camaraderie shown in the first match was somewhat sullied by the brutal and devious tactics of U’nalia during the main event however its hard to over shadow the fact that we saw some of the best fighters on the Ul’dah fight scene square off today and I for one cannot wait to see how they will top this. 

Of course we don’t have to wait long as they announced at the event that in just four days time they will be putting on their second show featuring a match for the vacated title. Combine that with the Iron Lynx Duel nights resume again this week and you are spoiled for choice when it comes to spending a night watching a fight.

Either way dear reader you can be rest assured I will be there covering the fights and bringing you all the best news.

Lua L’uana

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  1. Thank you Lua L’uana for this riveting account of the first Eorzea’s Greatest Fighter event! I can only imagine what the next one will bring!

    1. If the first shows anything to go by I would expect some intense action mixed with some jaw dropping moments

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