Sharing Tea With Shaiko At The Serene View

Of Tea And Distant Shores

April 16, 2021

This evening I met with the Hrothgar Shaiko. Ayame had ever so cleverly recommended him to me as someone well versed in preparing tea. He is a delightful gentleman and I was quite surprised that he exudes friendliness and calm despite his outward appearance. He is also very forgiving of various social faux paus I inevitably made during our conversation.

I met with him at his delightful tea house The Serene View. It lives up to it’s name as the venue sits facing the beach in the Mists. One might even request tea service outdoors to savor a beverage to the sound of waves crashing upon the shore.

The scene is quite idyllic and comforting for one such as myself who greatly misses the shores of Kugane. Apparently Shaiko grew up on an island home as well. It was quite fascinating to learn from whence he hailed and to learn more of his past.

Apparently he is a botanist as well as a tea enthusiast. Both of which can be detected in the quality of the tea his venu serves. That and his lovely garden of which I might ask for a tour at some point. Sadly I did not think to ask it as it would have seemed rather rude to interrupt the flow of conversation at the time.

Speaking of which I greatly enjoy conversing with Shaiko on all manner of topics. As for tea itself he is quite knowledgeable and made some quite valuable points in the production of Alys’ tea. I believe I shall used dried ingredients in it’s production if for no other reason than her ability to store it for long periods of time. I will recommend that she infuses the tea with filtered water for best results, but I believe I will keep some on hand for her should I play host for her at any time.

I should also endeavor to produce the strawberry flavored healing elixir she mentioned, but sadly that has been quite low on my priority list as of late. That and I still must endeavor to ensure the effectiveness of the elixir despite the addition of the flavoring.

I did mention to him that I have a nearby Chirurgeon practice. I once again heard that there would likely be demand for my assistance among adventurers, but it seems that I have only garnered favor among the local residents of Limsa Lominsa. There appears to be a wide variety of amenities in Limsa, but medical facilities seem to be rather under represented. There are potion peddlers and the like but I have met few fellow Chirurgeons.

With the number of free companies and adventurers present one would imagine that there would be no end to work for the practice. Aside from diagnosing children and the elderly, I have seen very few adventurers myself. I cannot complain however as I verily enjoy aiding children.

Speaking of adventurers I learned that Shaiko funded his tea house via work as an adventurer himself. I find that most fascinating indeed.

I wonder if I might do the same once I have attained my greater goals. It would be quite exciting to assist others in their travels. It would also offer valuable field experience that I might add to my overall practice. Those however are considerations for another day.

I did offer my services to Shaiko should he ever require them. I also simply must repay his hospitality in offering the most delightful tea and baked goods. I ordered a small cake-like item which I believe was called a scone. I may have had something rather similar during my studies but as those days were so busy I can hardly blame myself for not recalling such a detail.

Shaiko mentioned that he had actually recently visited Kugane. He found it most colorful and fascinating from a cultural perspective. I would have loved to travel along with someone visiting for the first time. It would be fascinating to see the city through the eyes of someone freshly arrived upon our shores. Granted that may have something to do with my own personal experience with travelling to foreign lands.

I admittedly recall little of my first impressions upon arriving in Kugane. I had been all of eight summers and rather traumatized on my entrance to the city. I do however remember having dango and tea as Uncle held a rather serious conversation with some intimidating adults.

Conversing with Shaiko however in such an idyllic and serene location was exactly what I needed after the bustle of the previous day. He also painted a lovely scene for me of having tea with his adoptive mother and I dare say it was ever so delightful.

I do hope to have an opportunity to see him again as he is a grand conversationalist. He is also knowledgeable which makes conversing with him all the more interesting and entertaining. At least for someone such as myself.

As he has spent quite a bit of time here in Eorzea he would also make quite the resource. I have been quite fortunate to meet such wonderful and helpful people as Ayame and Shaiko in my short stint here in Eorzea.

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