Oh what a week! All things Naadam!

July 17, 2021

Dear readers!

I’m back once again. Where was I? On a strict training regiment for the Naadam wrestling event! How did it turn out? You’ll have to read further to find out.

Before I get to the wrestling I will cover the other events first, even though I was only briefly present to get an idea of them and of course to write about them. First up was the archery competition which saw quite a lot of folks from the different races! From what I heard there were some issues with a troublemaker claiming us Au Ra were going to perform nefarious things on Eorzean soil. Not quite sure what that was about! It’s only an archery competition after all and the Wood Wailers allowed us to be there.

Moving on to the actual competition! Highlights of the event A’saanha and Pariya Mol with both of them taking a full pyramid of bricks down in the first round, proving themselves to be very skilled with the bow, I mean I wouldn’t try to piss them off, Nuh uh! As the rounds kept going on it was clear both of them were that notch above the others while they still put up fierce competition. I remember Sugi tossing some encouraging and barbed words to one specific Xaela but I’ll omit those.
The match was ultimately decided by sudden death as it was a draw between A’saanha and Pariya Mol, where A’saanha proved to be the more skilled shot that day! We hope she enjoys her complimentary Karakul! Pariya Mol secures the second place while Shiro claimed third place and V’zhiva placed fourth! We of the Daily Moogle hope all competitors enjoy their free food for being part of this!

Next up, Horsery! Horsing? Horseback riding, yes! I honestly don’t know how or who we managed to convince to have the race in U’ldah with the houses but we managed to pull it off! I’m pretty sure this won’t come back to us at all. I was present as the final marker before the finish line and there was some confusion about the correct route. It’s difficult to give a detailed explanation about it as the galloping horses thundered by. So much noise and galloping. Much horse! This race was won by Irtei taking quite a lead, followed by Sarnai. Then the remainder of the pack followed which I can only assume took a wrong turn due to confusion with the markers. Third in place was Tabris, followed by none other than Vee Redgraves. Again, we hope all competitors enjoyed the race and their free food coupons! Thank you for participating in the cultural exchange!

And last but not least, the wrestling! The only part where I could actually participate and to finally answer a question burning on everyone’s mind: Did I win? No. Did I come close? Absolutely not. The competition was outright vicious, vicious dear reader!
I was first up against a Lalafell that was called Cabbage by the crowd, can you believe that? You better, because that’s what happened! I would like to point out I put up a brave fight and won at least one round, but that was about it. The second round was dominated by him going for my leg, a rather unconventional wrestling move but with the size difference it was a smart move! The third round ended in a similar manner with Cabbage man going for my leg once more.
Next up was Saran going up against Grehmerl with both of them snarling a lot at eachother in a heavy tug of war match with Saran dominating the first round as she toppled Grehmerl over her hip. Keeping us all on edge however Grehmerl turned this around in the second round using his weight to bring Saran to her knees. The final round was a close tug of war with neither of them giving an inch was ultimately ended with Grehmerl sidestepping and slamming Saran to the sand!

And then ofcourse came the finals. Cabbage versus Grehmerl. They tugged! They wrestled! They roared! Cabbage fought with all his might to stand up to Grehmerl but it was in vain as he won both rounds, not giving Cabbage time to react to his moves during the match. Sometimes, you just don’t have luck on your side and uneasy footing can make the difference here. Both fought their hardest to win and Grehmerl took home first place while Cabbage took second. Seeing as Saran fought toe to toe with the champion and managed to take him down at least once I decided it was better not to challenge her for third place. I still have to write this piece after all.

And that was the Naadam, dear readers! I hope you all enjoyed it, both competitors and spectators!
We from the Daily Moogle would like to give a special shoutout to Koko Orben for her idea of the Eorzean Naadam and getting it organized. Sugi Tatewaki for her organizing and keeping track of the Archery and Horseback riding competition. Kiyo Obinata for taking over from Koko Orben for being the referee during the wrestling and making sure things ran smoothly. 
Lastly, I would like to thank the people that donated generously to make the Eorzean Naadam happen, you know who you are.

In closing, am I glad the Eorzean Naadam came to be? This intern certainly believes so.

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