On Frumplinox Snagpox, A Most Interesting Interview

May 4, 2021

The Daily Moogle was recently visited by a most fascinating individual named Frumplinox Snagpox, a sharply dressed and well mannered Goblin! I have met Frumplinox in the past at the Lynx on a fight night. She is most enthusiastic and she seems fascinated with what she calls “Uplanders”.

Frumplinox specializes in Alchemy. Though not just your every day potion making but the production of perfumes!

What started as a way to help her pass a little more unnoticed in our social circles has become a trade for her. She eventually began making sweet smelling scents for helpful adventurers as well as ladies with little coin, but a great need to impress!

Her most recent scent formulated includes lavender, burnt sugar and Oak. She calls this scent “The Midnight Oil”. One can tell that great care went into the craft of this perfume as the scents subtly combine into a most pleasing fragrance. Frumplinox was kind enough to leave a bottle with us, and I can attest that it is a most pleasing perfume! 

Frumplinox would love to expand her business to crafting artisanal scents for even the finest members of society. She currently studies all aspects of genteel life so that she might be better prepared to work with customers into even the highest rungs of society. 

We here at The Daily Moogle not only commend her ambition but hope that her most magnificent perfumes find homes among any and all who wish to impress the senses of those around them. 

One can find Frumplinox hard at work in either Limsa Lominsa or Ul’dah. Currently she does not travel to Gridania.  

Apparently she has only recently been allowed into Ul’dah and feels rather closely watched by the “Uplander-brass” as she calls them. I can only imagine how brave Frumplinox is for leaving a more familiar life to wade into the seas of man as it were. She is certainly working hard to find a place for herself in the flotsam of Eorzean society. 

She does seem to be making inroads however. Personally I have found that Goblins are quite knowledgeable in their specialized trade. Frumplinox Snagpox is certainly no exception!

Frumplinox also mentioned someone called “The Director”. This individual strikes fear into the hearts of as she puts it “badly gobbies”. The identity of this Director is apparently a mystery but their good works have not gone unnoticed among Goblin kind. 

At The Daily Moogle we would love to find out more about this Director and hopefully in time we might have more information to share with you our dear readers about this interesting individual. 

We cannot thank Frumplinox Snagpox enough for visiting our offices. It was most interesting to see what life is like through the eyes of someone brave enough to cross the threshold into the society of man. We only hope that her endeavors are ever successful!

3 Responses

  1. It was a great interview with twists and turns. Kudos to Kiyo for taking care of the interview. I can see Frumplinox going places!

  2. Manythanks kindly Uplander for the Interview! Kiyo-Uplander knows how to keep a conversation going, psshkoh! Mizuno-Uplander equally talented and a pleasure to look at to boot!

    1. He sure is, Thank you so much Frumplinox, it was a most entertaining interview!

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