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July 7, 2021

To whom it may concern,

Gossip and rumour-mongering around marriages are highly a novelty in Ishgard. The blatant lies and cherry-picked cultural interpretations of the recent article covering the Rosamond-Eralis marriage are hardly worth paying note to.

Yet, given the recent attention the publication gained, more so the misguided response of a surprisingly literate person hiding behind a guise of a presumed ’lowblood’ heritage – should their moniker be believed – I find it falling upon myself to correct certain mistakes and peculiarities. This is simply in effort to prevent any readers from outside of Ishgard’s borders gaining the wrong sort of impression of the Fury’s Chosen Nation.

First of all, the original article refers to ’certain circles of Ishgard’s nobility’. Without naming or explaining what these circles are, or if they even exist, the writer goes to accuse them of petty whispering and back-talking. I trust most readers to be capable of seeing through such an age-old trick, a hallmark of poor journalism, to be claiming to be only reporting of rumours – when in reality one is creating them, with the very article being written.

Indeed, if we examine madam Clarke’s article in detail, we discover that this style continues throughout. Perhaps the writer is not aware that referring to rumours, rather than facts, to make public accusations against a noble house is considered slander, a crime with a hefty punishment that House Rosamond would be in their grounds to demand. By Halone’s grace and their merciful stature, it would seem they have taken the more dignified approach characteristic to those of virtuous bearing.

Alas, it would seem that the slander does not end with madam Clarke’s concerns about entirely unnamed nobility’s schemings. They go as far as to claim that Elezen-Hyur unions are progressive, intentionally painting a picture of our dear nation as backwards and leaving out all critical examinations of their views. Without needing a mention, it is clear they are absolutely disregarding actual Ishgardian culture or tradition.

Unfortunately for us all, the individual claiming to be a Lowborn Citizen of Ishgard, yet using language quite unbecoming of such a position, draws the wrong conclusions from madam Clarke’s poor piece of journalism – while agreeing it for what it is.

I would like to remind all readers that Ishgard remains the most progressive out of the nations of the Eorzean Alliance. Doubt my words if you will, yet I ask you which other nation has done more for their poor. Indeed, I am using the very same measure that A Lowborn Citizen of Ishgard seeks to invoke. I gladly await their explanation of how other nations, ruled by a single ruler, are more equal.

I do not mean to invoke ire of our new allies, but rather inspire them. It is easy to slander those who seem richer and better off than oneself, yet let me remind you that blood alone is not what makes one highborn, it is the deeds of one’s family or forefathers which earned them their prestige. Their ceaseless devotion to protection of others and the sacrifices that elevated them above their peers. Allow me to also present a mention that of greatest duties to each and every highborn house of Ishgard are the values of largesse and selfless protection of our nation.

That we are no longer ruled by our faith, but by our people, is indeed a sign of progression. Yet this does not, in any way, stand contradictory to a system where those of virtuous bearing are rewarded for their selfless defense of those less well off. It is true that our people have fallen upon harder times, from famines to violence, but all of such has been due to causes outside of our nation: the Garlean Empire’s invasion and the Calamity. That we still stand is a testimony to the resolve and capability of our people, but apparently there will always be those who selfishly seek more power for themselves through lies and misinformation.
Thankfully, I am certain most readers will rather seek to understand our nation for themselves rather than engage in source less rumours mongering. 

A true lowborn citizen of Ishgard.

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