Phoenix Trading: No birds, a whole lot of trading!

April 27, 2021

Dear reader,

Upon hearing that my friend Kiyo wanted to peddle potions I couldn’t say no! (Nor would I dare..)
Where, I hear you ask? Well none other than the Phoenix Trading, located in Limsa Lominsa!

I must admit upon hearing the name I found myself rather on the cautious side of things what with the term “Phoenix” in there. “Trading” however sounded more appealing, so it was a 50/50 chance of awful things happening to yours truly. Still when a friend in need asks help what is one supposed to do? You lug a giant box of potions, that’s what you do!

Entering the place Kiyo seemed rather comfortable with her surroundings which to me meant she must have nerves of steel if there would be a live Phoenix around. She deftly moved upstairs, exchanged a few words with someone I assumed runs the place and had me set the box down while I was scouting for the elusive Phoenix.
Having found none on the ground floor nor on the second floor I can only guess they hid it for today.

Also dear reader, I must confess I then went outside and went with the age old trick of generating attention by shouting and waving at people, hopefully causing some interest in Kiyo’s potions. After all, the more money she made, the bigger my payout! I had many a person stop by and listen not limited to: an intimidating LARGE man (I mean.. LARGE!) with either tattoos or paint, I dared not ask. Various ladies, one of which was kind enough to ask me if I needed an umbrella. 

The evening passed fairly uneventful, save for a man with a very distinct odour at the bar but everyone needs to have a drink from time to time. As I sat myself down in one of the downstairs couches I was asked to come in further and have a chat with a female Au Ra, introducing herself as Kesa. After explaining what I did (this was before my recent hire at the Daily Moogle) she offered me work in escorting their vast scores of alcohol.

Alas, in all of the excitement I forgot to ask her about the Phoenix. However a clue presented itself as someone went into the basement and this instantly caused her to turn attention to the trespasser which led me to the only logical conclusion: the Phoenix was hidden in the basement!
I do wonder how they convinced it to go downstairs and what they feed it. My investigative spirit says that all the answer lie within that basement.

In closing: Phoenix Trading was a bustling area (that I did not have time to cover) with colorful patrons and welcoming owners, this intern believes so.

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  1. Mizuno ever bravely seeking the unknown. Much laughs were to be had. Can’t wait for the next post!

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Phoenix Trading
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