Phoenix Summer Market RP Final Fantasy XIV

Phoenix Trading Summer Market Success!

July 26, 2021

This past weekend Phoenix Trading hosted a summer market at The Silver Bazaar in Western Thanalan with The Daily Moogle in attendance!

A wide variety of goods could be found from alchemical products and clothing to fresh fruit. Our own Wes was even introduced to the Date (the fruit not the event).

Fruit vendors dressed in yellow made a quick profit selling their wares. Vee Redgraves was in attendance with Theodora of Oh Sew Good. They were jointly selling Alchemical supplies as well as coats and other trinkets. The well known smith Freed was also in attendance offering his services.

These among others gathered to sell and buy at the event!

Our special thanks go out to X’ihra Chira and Kesa Ura of Phoenix Trading for organizing the event and making sure that the market was successful!

Keep in mind dear readers that Phoenix Trading also has stalls available on their usual market days held at their trading house in The Mists. Should you be interested in setting out your wares contact X’ihra Chira or Kesa Ura.

Should you have need of trade goods or are looking to sell your wares Phoenix Trading might be just the trading company for you!

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