Places to take a Date! A guide on where to go once you have a Valentione’s date.

February 11, 2022

Hello Dear Readers, Dearhearts, and Soon to be Dearhearts!  This is the second of my articles on that time of turn that’s upon us now : Valentione’s!  Today I’ll be giving a little look at a few places located within the City-States of Gridania, Limsa Lominsa, and Ul’dah.  As I’ve already done an article in the past about places in Ishgard to go on a date, I won’t be tackling there.  And.. this Butterfly flits many places, but has yet to touch ground on the other side of the star, in the Far East so I can’t really talk much about that!  Does The Daily Moogle even make it over there?  Hm… that’s a good question.  One maybe to consider for later, but for now – since I have a lot of information to tackle, let’s get our wings a-moving.


Gridania – The city itself is quite beautiful, greenery and streams running through it.  However, the Shroud comes with lots of rain, and unless you don’t mind getting caught in a downpour now and then, you risk getting wet!  Here’s a few places worth mentioning, located in or around the city and the Lavender Beds :

Oak Villa (Lavender Beds, Ward 4 subdivision, Lily Hills apartments 11-16; see cover image) – With a lavish garden area and a comfortable tavern, Oak Villa also boasts a dance hall where you and your date can twirl and swirl ’round each other all you like! 


Whiterose Twine (Lavender Beds Ward 4 subdivision, plot 56; see image below) – A cozy, comfortable restaurant with a small bar and plenty of greenery inside.


Slice of Life Community Center (Lavender Beds, Ward 8 subdivision, plot 51) – If your date is more into fun and games, they’re sure to enjoy the Mini Gold Saucer on the top floor!


Limsa Lominsa/La Noscea – Most of this island city is focused on seafaring this or that’s, and many adventurers make their home here rather than head up viable businesses that one could take a date to.  However, there are a few :


The Bismark – Though of course THE place to eat is located right there in the city state, in the upper levels.


Costa del Sol – Not all that close to Limsa proper but not terribly far away, you can visit the part of the isle many like to vacation.  There’s plenty of safe swimming to be had here, or just relaxing.  And with so much sky to be seen, the night is brilliantly lit!


Ul’dah – Riches and prosperity abound quite nicely here, and if you’re happier with warmer climes then this is where you’d best take your date.  Among those are the following :


Menphina’s Bosom – (The Goblet, Ward 18, plot 8; see image below) It’s a little bit of the Shroud located away from the shroud, with a bar and an delicious menu of prepared foods.


Infinite Blue Spa – (The Goblet, Ward 18, plot 18; see image below) As the name implies, here there’s spas! A calming place to just sit back, soak, and relax.


Now there are many, Many, MANY other places to go, but this Butterfly Man has a limited amount of time to both go around to all of them as well as write this up in time to get to you, my Dear Readers.  Also, maybe I’m keeping a place or two to myself just in case I want to take Flower there hehe…  As a note though, don’t forget that TONIGHT the Found Family Centre in the Lavender Beds are hosting their special Valentione’s night, and in two suns time will be the Pure Hope Society’s Valentione’s event in The Goblet.  If you’d like to know more about those, you can in my previous article!


Until next time Dear Readers, Dearhearts, and Soon to be Dearhearts and Happy Valentione’s to you all!

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Whiterose Twine
Ward: 4
Plot: 56
The Bismarck
Costa Del Sol
Infinite Blue Spa
Ward: 18
Plot: 18
Menphina's Bosom
Ward: 18
Plot: 8
Slice of Life Community Center
Ward: 8
Plot: 51

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