Random interview: Kalaya!

May 16, 2021

Dear reader,

The other day I was taken aback as someone suddenly stood in the office, stating they had an appointment for an interview. Seeing I was the only one present I had no choice but to take it! You’ll never believe what happened next!

The Viera female introduced herself as Kalaya, an engineer by trade. I threw myself in the fray for you, dear reader, to ask what engineering is all about, so I asked for some examples. Roads are designed by engineers to last. Tall buildings need a strong foundation, which is achieved through statics, another branch of engineering. Airship travel is another one, creating it to be more efficient and low-cost in both production and usage. Which all don’t really matter compared to the next example.

CHOCOBO CARTS! Levitating chocobo carts are a thing and I for one would like to get one, maybe even two when one of them doesn’t work. The carts that do not have wheels, but are propelled by the usage of properly conducted of continuous streams of wind aether to keep it afloat at an exact height, soaring through the sky. WOOOSH!!
I could see myself on one of those carts flying from interview to interview and restaurants.

When she’s not busy in her workshop, she enjoys a good walk or swim at the beach, which is luckily close to her apartment, just a few steps away. She recently started to indulge herself with some Eorzean literature and is still seeking recommendations, so if you know of any good books let me know and I’ll pass it on.

As always when I wrap up an interview I ask for a few words towards you, the readers!
If you ever need someone with great engineering skills, you are free to knock on my workshop’s door, I’ll try my best to help your needs. Best case scenario, I manage to help you, worse case, I’ll re-direct you to someone who might help them. I also wish you a nice day.
Touching words.

In closing, would I let her hook me up with a chocobo cart? This intern definitely thinks so.

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  1. HM. If she can get Chocobo Carts to fly… I wonder if she could develop a device to get my wings to fly too…. NOT THAT THEY DON’T! They just. Could use a little help now and then. Ahem.

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