R’dei rhes not the champion we want but the champion we need?

October 19, 2021

We are now a less than a week away from EGF Last Stand and the hotly anticipated rematch between the EGF champion R’dei Rhes and challenger Helga. 

So what better time than to re interview the champ before her big title defence.

As we sat down I had to compliment R’dei on her attire that screamed winner. 

I had to start off by asking about her current success. At the time she had defeated her nemesis Alyx Greywind, beaten every opponent she had faced in the EGF’s cage as well as successfully defending her title which she has retained at the time of this interview for a hundred and thirty three days making her the most successful EGF champion so far.

“Exactly! I’z th’greatest champ there be! ‘N I’z did it all fair ‘n square”

This is true as by the rules fo the time R’dei has won her matches by the rules set down by the EGF itself. To which I had to ask her how she felt about the accusations that she was too violent and showed disrespect to her opponents and EGF employees.

I’z respect ’em by givin’ ’em a propah fight! ‘N I’z respect th’othah membahs o’ th’crew as long as they’z respect me… which some dunnae do! Like them vocal announcers hatin’ on me!

It is true that certain members of the announce team have been outwardly vocal against Dei since her first match and from the perspective of someone who fought in the Blood sands and the Lynx I can say getting beat hard by your opponent is a good sign of respect.

As we continued our conversation i had to ask about her rather striking ensemble, the oversized hat, her blazing red top and tight trousers were not R’deis usual attire it was a eye opener to the champs fashion sense.

“Aye, s’me fanceh outfit! Once got dis ta impress a gal wit’ rich parents..”

I then broached the subject as Dei has been known to have many whirlwind romances over the years that never seem to last.

“Aye… sadly, plenty o’ gals… but fer some reason we nivah last… would like ta have a forevah gal… ‘r guy, I’z open mindered.”

So did that mean her relationship with A’saanha had ended. She had been seen many times cheering for R’dei during her matches. Had this relationship ended no sooner than it started?

“She left… dunno where, dunno why… dinnae git an explanation.”

Truely a disheartening response. Poor R;dei seemed broken hearted, why would someone be so cruel to someone who genuinely cared for them. I had to ask her then what she thought would be a ideal partner.

“Sumone nice, energetic, clevah, smart… errr… ‘n pretty ‘r handsome, I’z aspose”

If anyone fits that criteria send them R’deis way. 

Moving the subject back to her previous fight against helga I had to ask the serious question. Her title efence against helga had been nail bittign close with R’dei starting out strong but helga once more pushing back hard in the second round. R’dei would then shock the audience by dropping a explosive on Helga that would send her reeling, then finishing the job by impalign her arm and causing the referee to stop the match and proclaim R’dei the winner by technical knockout. Did R’dei intentionally take out her opponent?

“Well… I’z mean… I’z jus’… gave ‘r back what she dealt me… but I’z dinnae mean ta hurt ‘r tha’ bad… I’z errr… overdone it a lil’… I’z thought she were tougher! Th’way me mum keeps talkin’ ’bout ‘r… I’z thought she were sum sorta immortal deity o’ monks…”

So it seems Dei was merely giving as good as she thought Helga could give. It is true that Helga is known for putting on a inferno of a performance in the Cage to a almost frightening extent. You could see from R’deis point of view if Helga had been hyped up to R’dei as she was that she would have pulled out all the stops she was legally allowed to do to win.

Since R’deis win Helgas arm has not been the same since. The Fiery monk has been seen using it very little. I had to ask R’dei if she thought going into their next fight would be a handicap for her opponent?

“Prob’ly… but, she’s tough, aye? I’z reckon she could kick me arse wit’r arms tied behind ‘r back. Unless I’z git lucky ‘r go a lil’ ovahboard… I’z were graspin’ at straws towards th’end… jus’… tryin’ ta go hard ta nae give ‘r time ta recovah… else me arse would be grass!”

The champ not seeming so confident it seemed so i asked did she have a plan to take on Helga head to head, eesspecially now it has been announced explosives have been banned fro mthe cage?

“I’z nae gots a clue how ta beat ‘r now… might whip out an ol’ thingy I’z got lying ’round… ‘specially made ta go toe ta toe wit’ monks, though… needs sum improvin’…

N give me opponent an edge on how t’beat meh? Me whole strategy’s ’bout counterin’ wot I’z know ’bout th’enemy ‘n always adaptin’ so they’z kinnae prepare ‘gainst meh.”

It seems R’dei is holding all the cards close to her ample bosom liek a master Tripple Triad player. Even my charming personality couldn’t get any information out of her about her Gobbie tech inspired equipment.

Moving away from her fight as we began to wrap up I had to ask her what her beef was with Talan Gelson the Iron Lynx second top ranked fighter, ninth ranked EGF fighter and commentator?

“Th’deal? He called me sophisticatered high-tech axe… scrap metal! Tha’s an insult o’ th’highest degree ta any propah magitekgineer! ‘N he knows it, s’like him callin’ yer newborn babe an ugly runt!”

R’deis skill with magitek are well documented from the armour she crafted for her title fights in the cage as well as her mammet parade she put on during the inaugural EGA tournament (the previous name for the EGF). I had to ask if he appolagised would she accept it or would she rather settle this in the cage in some sort of grudge match?

“Ah… aye, I’z might beat his face in fer th’crowd, I’z enjoy breakin’ lil’ boys…”

With those partign word we concluded the interview. R’dei went off, I got thinking. R’dei isn’t a bad sort deep down she is like us looking for love and affection. True she’s rough around the edges and can go over board but that is her drive and passion to put her all into everything she does. She will defend her pride and joys from any and all criticisms one way or another. 

Personally this reporter thinks that she needs someone who can temper that fire and make her a champion we all deserve. Maybe she’s on her way one thing for sure I will most definitely be in camp R’dei for this coming fight.

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