Single and Mingle! A guide to finding a date this Valentiones.

February 8, 2022

Hello Dear Readers, Dearhearts, and Soon to be Dearhearts!  Yes, this column of mine today is not the usual Butterfly Man fare, though.. it is about the subject I love the most.  LOVE!  Here at The Daily Moogle, we’re going to tackle this very topic in a myriad of ways.  We know that there’s those of you who are searching, wanting and willing to find their Dearhearts and don’t know where to look!  We know that there’s those of you who already -have- a Dearheart, and just want a nice place to take them for this time of the turn when Love is in great celebration.  And, last but absolutely never least, we know that there’s those of you who either don’t have a Dearheart and don’t want one and just want a comfortable place to hang out that doesn’t remind you of that celebration, or have a Dearheart but just simply don’t celebrate it.  Stay tuned for those articles, all coming up soon! Today, however, I’ll be tackling the topic of Where To Look to Find a Potential Dearheart!  Let’s beat right in to that now.

There are TWO great hotspots this turn, places where celebrations of Valentione’s are bursting in the air.  The first of these is a lovely spot located in the Lavender Beds called the Found Family Centre (Ward 8, Plot 31)!  In just three suns from today (Friday 11th of February) they’re having their usual open house, but Valentione Themed!  WOW! How you can participate in this is twofold : First, wearing a pink outfit… like the one in my picture!… gains you a special treat upon entry.  And Second, writing up and reciting a Love Poem for the competition!  There’s even a hefty gil prize for the winner of that one!  If you would rather though, you can of course just listen to the poems and enjoy them that way.  Though I heard wind that if you’re too shy to read what you wrote yourself, you can nominate a friend to do it?  Pretty sure you’d best ask if the friend is alright with it first!

The second great hotspot is one that also hosted a similar Valentione’s event last year, The Pure Hope Society’s Valentione’s Ball! This one is located in The Goblet, at a place called Dhalmel Manor (Ward 9, Plot 43) in five suns from today (Sunday 13th of February) and boasts of Dancing, a Best Dressed Contest, and a Date Raffle!  I stopped in to the Dhalmel Manor for a bit to check out the decor and let me tell you.. the place is bright and beautiful!  Now, I’ve been -told- that there’s at least one, if not two surprises in store, so keep your antennae moving for what that might be!


Valentione’s.  For some it can be a big deal, for others it can be a nothing.  For some they would like it to be a big deal but have nobody to make it a big deal with.  One thing to always keep in mind though, is.. just because it’s a time of the turn when Love is given its own sort of celebration, don’t forget that all the rest of the days can be just as much of a celebration.  And if you aren’t looking for love at all, don’t forget to give yourself some love.  Listen to your favorite bard, read your favorite book, visit your favorite stomping grounds (or in my case, flitting field) and take some time to learn your own heart.  You’ll thank yourself for it! 


And because I can’t wrap up an article without making a mention – Flower, you’re on my mind even more during these celebrations.  See you soon.  For the rest of you?  Until next time!

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