Some like it hot! House warming!

May 28, 2021

Dear reader,

By manner of quick thinking and a keen eye, I read on a notice board there was a house warming somewhere and it mentioned all were welcome, I was highly curious of  this “house warming” tradition.

We (I dragged Kiyo along!) were greeted by Odette and Iseri, the latter who hadn’t heard of the Daily Moogle?! SHOCK! We exchanged greetings and were then guided in what was some of the biggest seating places I have seen, their couch was bigger than my bed, twice!

As we got to talking with those present I found out some of them were readers! Such fun. As the conversation went further it dawned on me that I had completely misunderstood the idea of this house warming culture idea. I had thought that there would be a massive party and then at the end they would set the place on fire as a grand finale. Imagine my mistake when this was not the case. I had assumed this was a rich person thing, but this was not the case.

After a talk and a drink we were shown the house, namely the upstairs. They had a big aquarium above and behind their bed, so naturally as the intern that goes for the questions that really matter I asked them the following:
“Don’t the fish keep you up at night?”
The couple assured me that they barely hear it, if at all. However the host did muse that “he would hate if the glass would break”. I could see having a midnight shower being a pain, on the other hand you’d have a fresh fish snack!

One could even put a small heater next to the bed in case they’d want grilled fish! Endless possibilities.

In closing, was the house warm despite not setting it on fire? This intern believes so.

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