Tea Break Daydreaming

May 4, 2021

As a waitress, I hear a lot of things, from bad pick-up lines to amazing stories, be they told directly to me or overheard by simply passing by. Recently, I had an interesting conversation with one of the patrons that stopped by the teahouse. An Ishgardian spoke of his efforts during the Dragonsong War and some of his recent accomplishments as an adventurer. Some of it was quite impressive, if true. Now here comes the interesting part, he claimed how his work is more important and crucial than for example, mine. Now, at that time I didn’t think much of it, however once he left, it got me thinking.

I’m not going to pretend that I have the grand desire to seek out glorious adventures, nor do I have the courage to do so. I’m rather pleased with the work I do at the Serene View. I do love what I do, cleaning tables, washing dishes, taking orders, brewing tea, and listening to patron’s stories. As menial as those sounded, I very much enjoy such work. However, is that job less important than an adventurer’s profession? I don’t think so, at least not fully. I believe that I make my own proper contribution to society. I asked the man why he does such a dangerous profession, and he told me that he wants to keep the Star safe. It is his duty, he claimed. That’s noble, I admit.

Now let’s start digging deeper into the issue. He loves his home, friends, this Star even. He likes it the way it is. That way of life has to be maintained, and sure, he is helping with that, by keeping us safe. However, the people he keeps safe are the one that are maintaining the same lifestyle he likes so much as well. Not everyone can be a glorious adventurer. So whenever I serve someone tea, listen to their stories or just maybe even recommend them a book or something from the library, that smile, that gratitude they have, that’s the thing! That might be one of the many factors that drives them further into their profession as an adventurer, to keep us safe. To keep the standards alive. So I believe that contribution should count as well. It surely isn’t big, nor noticeable, but it’s there. That’s the point I’m trying to make.

All in all, I believe no one should tell anyone their job is less worthy because we all try to make the best of what we know and can. Some efforts are noticeable, some are so subtle that you might not even be sure it exists, but they are there.

In any case, tea break is over. Gotta go work!

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  1. It’s true not everyone is a glorious adventurer, some of us are adorable Goblins, some of us are intrepid interns, some of us wait tables! This humble press operator commends those that can lift a dish, thanks for all the hard work!

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