The Daily Moogle Beach Party!

May 30, 2021

Dear readers!

First I would like to thank each and every one of you for a grand turnout! I must admit I hadn’t not expected such a turnout.. I had also not expected everyone would eat and drink this much as I was hoping for leftovers since we already paid for everything, but no matter!

Secondly, a big shout out to Inhe’a, Sugi, Maerviarro and Koko of the Winking Paissa for their makeshift, roaming kitchen and to Kade and Kiyo for providing musical entertainment.

There is so much to cover, too much really! I also wasn’t all over the place to certain things will be missing. It was busy, I honestly had not imagined that so many people were into the Daily Moogle.  So some of the highlights were the food and drinks ofcourse, I tried most of it and I can safely say that I’d want more of it. 

In passing I heard Ayame went missing! It seems she locked herself in a room, barely eating or drinking and then just vanished. POOF! Just like that. Foul play? Who’s to say? Not me, that’s for certain. She might have gone on a long trip, maybe she went on a journey with that other guy from the Nym ruins trip, maybe she went to the Gold Saucer to bet on the races! Oh how I wish I could go to the Gold Saucer. If someone has seen or heard from Ayame, do tell us know at the Daily Moogle!

Oh and the fish nuggets were to die for! Wrapped in a banana leaf, pure genius if you ask me! Handy fingerfood is handy. I saw so many familiar face that I regret not being able to talk to. Varriz with his store, Theodora from which I still need to pick up my suit. Her sister Elizrathla I saw too, I saw Vee. I wish I could’ve discussed the Mothman with him some more, but no such luck.

Word of a fight on the beach reached my horns, but I was too late in covering it. Such a shame, it could have been good preparation for my fight tonight against Nero. I did see a man in a blue coat or robe-ish garment that had bruises and a bloody lip. But if he was still walking then I wonder what ever happened to the other guy! Maybe they had to cart him off on a chocobo. I’m imagining a slugfest of great greatness. Punches and kicks flying everywhere, blood on the sand! Very thrilling stuff.
If anyone has more news about this fight, do let me know.

Alys and her sister Hilda came along, she also left her bat home. Alys was noticeable and well heard. Apparently she reconnected with her sister from Roda, such luck! After that my attention was elsewhere as the festivities went on. I did get the lot of them, as well as the Daily Moogle crew some drinks. I got them from Koko who surprised me by saying she’s a fan of my stories! It’s always nice to hear that. I’ll be certain to keep up my writing for Koko and for every one of you.

Then Kiyo whipped out a harp and playing some catchy tunes! I didn’t even know she did. I should ask about this at some point in the future. I also saw X’ihra but she seemed to be talking to some other Xaela so it didn’t feel like the time to buy her that drink that she requested of our readers. Did any of you offer her a drink?

Nearing the end of the evening as I sat down to get some quick notes in about the party, Alice and a friend of hers walked up for small talk. It turned out her friend, called Malcolm, is also a writer! Such coincidences, he had great praise for the Daily Moogle, so I offered him a job. We can always use spirited writers, that goes for everyone out there! I also offered Alice the opportunity to come and talk of her adventuring tales so you could all enjoy them.

In closing, was the beach party a success? This intern believes so.


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